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Amazon Prime – As RVers, we love the included 2-day shipping, some items arrive next day; this makes getting your orders promptly before you move on to the next campsite. You also get access to streaming Prime Videos and Music, Kindle books, photo storage and early access to deals.  With all of the other features it just makes sense, and CENT$! See what I did there.

Audible – a vast collection, multiple price points – even if you cancel your account your purchased titles remain available to you. You can try Audible free for 30 days.

Kindle Readers are pretty awesome to have for the RV lifestyle. You can keep your bookworm habits without the extra weight of paper books. You can choose from several versions of Kindles. If you need a straight reader, you have options in price, size, storage, and features. However, if instead, you need a multi-function tablet where you can read your books, listen to your Audible, stream entertainment or play games you can choose from the FIRE tablets line-up.

Kindle Unlimited lets you pay a monthly fee and have access to over a million ebooks.

Alexa & Echo – Alexa is an assistant of sorts and Echo is the device that most use with Alexa. We use our Alexa to control Coach Proxy in our coach. There are many skills you can use with Alexa and more coming up every day.

Goodreads – a great place to keep track of what you are reading, and what book you want to tackle next. You can share your lists with your friends and get suggestions on what to read next. You also can get alerts from authors you follow – upcoming books, projects, and feedback.


Libraries – wherever you are, most likely there is a local library with services like free wi-fi, use of computers, and often the staff can steer you to some of the lesser known features of their community, even some things even the “locals” missed. Also, if you get your library card from your home base and they have an online catalog you can access, books, audio, and video all over the country.

Netflix – online streaming entertainment site – great for on the go viewing – beware this takes up a lot, of bandwidth, and it is NOT recommended to use with campground wi-fi, not only will it be slow with lag in the stream but more importantly this is inconsiderate to the other campers because you are hogging up the connection.


Eat Enlightened – No one should be without ice cream. Trying to keep an eye on our health without giving up on all of life’s pleasures we came across Enlightened Ice Cream several years ago. It has a thick and creamy consistency and a great selection of flavors. The store locator on their site helps to find a place to stock up when you are on the road. – large variety for low-carb, keto and diabetic friendly foods, shipped directly to you. – order fresh, organic and tasty nuts and treats from this family owned business. They have options for all dietary needs, a great selection and they ship quickly.

Republic of Tea – a lovely collection of teas and gifts. My go-to morning tea is “HiCaf Breakfast Black Tea,” but my all-time favorite is “Wild Blueberry.” Regardless or your favorite kind of tea and way to make a perfect cuppa – the people at Republic can help you find a delicious, well-loved tea.

shopping wellness

Hempz – a cruelty-free line of personal care products. You can purchase Hempz on Amazon, or you can check out the where to buy link on their site. However, I’ve found that the prices on Amazon are lower than other retailers.



Brother Label Printer

Regular Printer

Google Pixel 3 XL phones

Internet Options On the Road

LG OLED4K TV 55″ – this thing is impressive. The color and clarity are like nothing you’ve seen on television before. We replaced our main living area tv with this model. If you can make this one fit in your space, we highly recommend it for quality viewing. It has been ages since we’ve sat in the movie theater. =)

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment – even in the Las Vegas Summer heat this tank treatment was able to keep odors away in temperatures 110F and higher.

Viair 450P-RV – Automatic Portable Air Compressor

EEZ Tire – Tire Pressure Monitor System

EEZ Tire – System Repeater (for > 50ft length)

Green Mountain Grills – we have the Davey Crockett and love it. It is small enough to stow easily and large enough to handle anything we need to throw at it.

Xtend & Climb Ladder – we opted to not have the ladder to the roof mounted on the rear of our coach, purely for aesthetic reasons. We picked up the Xtend ladder, and we love the ease of use and the small space it requires for storage.

Dyson Vacuums – portable, works well – lots of attachments available

Anova Sous vide – works well in small space – cooks well.


Remote Area Medical – provides free medical clinics all over the United States. They also provide veterinary care and disaster relief. Even if you don’t use their services, you can help those who do by volunteering and donating.

USB Flash Drives – we recommend keeping a digital updated file with your medical records. You can keep a few on hand for little cost so you will always have a backup. It is essential while traveling with health concerns that require access to your records without waiting on doctors to request them and other delays and while you should ALWAYS keep your hard copy of important files in a safe location it is easier to carry a flash drive in your RV where weight may be an issue. If you are like me with chronic illness, your medical file can take up quite a bit of space.

Zenni Optical – inexpensive quality prescription eye glasses

save money

Ibotta – this rebate app is fantastic. We use it every time we shop. Not only can you use your Ibotta cash to get gift cards for restaurants and stores you can have it deposit the money into your PayPal account.

grocery store pick up options – YMMV with this but I have found Clicklist with the Kroger owned chain of stores is a good service for not only spending less time standing in line and more time exploring your new locations but almost every time I have ordered ITEM ONE and it was filled with a substitution if the item replacing that on your list was more expensive, you get the lower price of the item on your list. No guaging you replacing with the higher price. It doesn’t happen often that my items have to be substituted but I don’t have to worry about ordering one brand and being stuck with a higher priced item. You can usually try these services for free as well.

pet care

Dog Food Advisor


Nulo Foods


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