RV part 2

Shortly after our RV showed up we made a trek to VA to get some things. Our eyes were bigger than our coach. We had rented a truck and came back with so much stuff that boxes were literally stacked floor to ceiling all over with a mere path to the fridge and front door.

You find out you can live without a lot of things once you make the choice to life full time in an RV.

For instance … books. Heavy space sucking books. I love books too. The way they feel, smell – the turn of a crisp page. Yeah I’m crazy like that. But 10 boxes of books wasn’t at all practical to keep. So I sold most of them to a used media store. Same went for CDs and DVDs. We paired down a lot of stuff in a short time.

I was so proud of LK – after years of collecting parts and bits of technology – tools and pieces of projects that he might “need again someday” – he left 99.9% behind.

Living in an RV full time has done a lot for my shopping habits as well. I still tend to pick up items I think I want / need and carry them around the store. As I shop I think about the use of the item, how much space will it take up, can it be multitasked. 9 out of 10 times it gets put back. Clutter can not be part of your life when you live in 400 sq ft of space.

= )

It’s been a year of RVing full time and I love it. I love it even more now that we have a truck and we CAN actually go somewhere. But it really is a comfortable home.

After a few weeks of unpacking, donating, selling and giving away things we made a dent and the boxes were gone. Some things were gone that we weren’t willing to part with.

Our generator was stolen – while we were home, asleep. It was attached to the RV by a very large cable. Unfortunately, this coach is insulated so well not even the dogs heard the theives working to cut the cable. It was gnarled pretty bad so we know it took them some time to cut it.

Living in that trailer park was awful. About the time LK figured out the job there wasn’t what they sold him on the SWAT team showed up to the trailer park to stop a man with a shotgun from killing himself. Not just the SWAT team – but pretty much the entire Lexington police force along with the MAYOR – talk about small town tactics. It was time to leave.

Before Spring sprung LK had interviewed in Raleigh, NC for his current job and we were making plans to escape Lexington before anything else happened to us.

We hired someone to tow the coach to our new “lot” in NC. We secured anything that would fall over, rattle and pulled in the slides and away we went. Woke up in our own bed – drove to our new place – slept in our own bed. Easiest move we’ve ever had.

to be continued

The story of the RV

BLUE asked for me details so I thought others may be interested too.

Summer 2007.

During a frustrating bout with idiot drivers, traffic and plain idiots in Hampton Roads, VA on a sunny Saturday in June we make the commitment to get out of VA asap. That Monday LK had freshened his resume and put up FSBO posts in several online spots as well has staked a sign in our yard.

Quickly he got a job offer in Lexington, KY. He is from KY and it was a good distance from my family. Easy to get up there to see the ones I love and far enough that the genetically linked idiots wouldn’t make the effort to drive down for a visit.

We had borrowed the motorhome my aunt and uncle own to stay for a bit. It is a 15 year old 30′ Class A Fleetwood Stormwind, too small for us and the dogs but better than paying for hotels while we look for a place to stay long term. LK at this point is not a fan of the idea of living in an RV full time. I have always wanted to shed the shackles of owning a lot of stuff and just go go go. LK, only having experience with this one RV is against it.

One day a couple come to KY Horse Park with a Heartland 5th Wheel. They offer a tour of their place. LK is smitten – starts researching Heartland immediately.

It is becoming apparent at this point (October) that the house is not going to sell any time soon. So we had to move from the beautiful campground at Kentucky Horse Park to some shanty town trailer park that allowed RVs. There really needs to be more campgrounds in this country.

So back and forth we go on renting an apartment -staying in the RV. The Stormwind is for weekend travel really. It is 30′ long with no slide outs and with one car and LK working I am going stir crazy. We start talking about getting our own place. There are several apartment / condos that I like. None that LK likes. There was a great house with a couple of acres just outside of Lexington that was the same exterior, and layout on the inside as Graceland. No kidding. Minus the out there Elvis decor. It was awesome. I fell in love. LK did not.

We started looking into getting an RV of our own. LK didn’t want a motor home – thinking it would be too small like the one we were in. My Aunt Mollie has a very nice motor home with slides and such but LK doesn’t remember what that one looked like and besides tow-able coaches are in the price range we are willing to pay. (It amazes me that some RVs and land yachts are close to a million $US. WTF!)

Nothing we see locally sparks an interest like the Heartland did. So we find one in Springfield, OH (thaaaaa Simpsooooonssss) and go check it out in person.

LK was beyond smitten – corian countertops, convection/microwave, W/D, 2 flat screen tvs, king bed —

2008 Heartland Landmark w/ Augusta Floorplan <— you can see why it was impressing us in these pictures.

We made the deal in December and got a fantastic price and deal. LK has become more involved with the Heartland community. They really do take care of their people and take great pride in their customer service – if you are looking for an RV – either weekender or fulltiming it — check out Heartland RVs.

Ok, back to the story. LK goes up to sign all of the paperwork and to follow the delivery truck of the coach down to Lexington. Uncle J went with him while Aunt P and I start getting things in her RV packed up and ready to swap over to our new place.

The payment on the RV is far less than even the crack house rental we found in downtown Lexington. We made the choice to get the RV because it would be ours, we wouldn’t have to deal with all that comes with renting a place and we just weren’t sold on Lexington enough to buy a house there.

to be continued

Little Bit of Everything

It went from warm and sunny days to cold and rainy to cold and sunny. Ick. The leaves are still green for the most part. This is my first Autumn in North Carolina.

The cold isn’t helping me pain wise – but I am going to the pool 2x a week and working out. I am up to a full exercise plan doing about 15 reps each. Thankful that they all take place in the warm water.

My pain specialist is in agreement that we will wait until my next appointment to really see what the nerve block did/didn’t do. Next step is burning the nerves. With RF technology but burn nonetheless.

Thanks to Twila and her BFF Bev I have plants now. They liven my work area up. And my Aunt brought down two small “barrel” chairs that have low backs – they have brightened up the place.

We found compact fluorescent bulbs that replace halogen bulbs. There are 6 lamps in the RV that use halogen. They suck the energy and heat the place up. Not to mention they are spot light bright. We are making some changes that make this place more of a home to us. We both agree that moving to the RV is still the best thing ever. Only problem is I am having a hard time seeing a Rottweiler being comfy in such tight spaces and I would love to share my home with another Rottie – I miss Max. I know no dog will ever replace him. But this is the longest I have gone since my first Rottie in 1989.