Watching my Daddy suffer with the pain from Cancer at the end of his life haunts me. We were never able to get ahead of the pain and give him a restful sleep or a peaceful death. Your life is your own and you should have the right to let go on your own terms without fear of your loved ones being charged and arrested with assisting your death. You should never have to uproot your family and move to a state that understands that death is a personal choice and being in immeasurable pain and suffering when there is no relief but a miserable death is completely uncalled for.


Please send Brittany Maynard a thank you note for taking a stand and making her choice heard so that others who do not comprehend what this kind of choice really means.

Michael and I support Brittany and her family and we send her thoughts of comfort and love.


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Felicia · 2014-10-18 at 02:10

Agreed. My 17yr old cousin is dying because of cancer. She didn’t want to know how much longer she has after her last scan this Sept. Months is what the docs say she has left. I still think she is going on her own terms. I think we should all have that choice.

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