Thought to be insane, we gave up our brick house & picket fence near the ocean to live in an RV. In 2007, after a trial run in a borrowed motor home, we bought our first RV. This little piece of the interwebs is where we share our travel stories, updates, ideas, and thoughts with family and friends.

Why “TurtleHerding”? We used to manage a campground in North Carolina, and after a very long day, Lehnanne came home and plopped down and sighed, “Finally, done herding turtles.” Since RVers carry their homes on their backs like turtles.

We are never far from our fur Kidds, and we cherish our #FRAMILY.

Join us as we explore a bigger life in a smaller home.


** Michael (he/him) loves technology and keeps himself busy with gadgets and geekery. A former nuclear reactor operator aboard a submarine in the USNavy, Michael currently works with ground-breaking technology. He is a Tesla fan, both the man and the car,  a LINUX nut, and your basic polymath. Discover more about him on Instagram and at

** Lehnanne (she/they) loves to travel, read and watch hockey. After being diagnosed in 2004 with Fibromyalgia, Lehnanne realized life would be challenging but worth the effort. She is a dog mom, a cat servant, and a hugger of demons. She collects memories and tattoos. Discover more about her on Instagram  and at



John Bronson · 2015-12-04 at 11:50


Beautiful Bus!!! Pleas share with us the exterior color of your jeep. We are trying to match a grand Cherokee to a Bus we just ordered

Thanks much

John Bronson

    Michael · 2015-12-07 at 17:34

    Hello John,
    The Jeep is called ‘Maximum Steel Metallic’. It’s certainly not an exact match.. the Jeep is a few shades darker, but it doesn’t clash, so that’s a good thing! 🙂 I’ll be updating the page shortly, but we’ve sold the Jeep and will be pulling an enclosed car-hauler trailer with a Tesla Model S inside.


Tim · 2016-01-25 at 11:47

Enjoying your blog and the information you’ve provided.
How’s the RO system working?
Keep up the good work,

    Michael · 2016-01-25 at 11:54

    Hello Tim,
    Glad you’re finding the blog useful! The RO system is working great. We’re now consistently at 7ppm or less of total disolved solids measurement coming out of our tap. It’s easily one of the best investments we’ve made into our health and the long term reliability of the water system in our coach.


Janet and Tim Reilly · 2016-02-15 at 17:12

Hi Mike,
We are currently in Del Rio, Texas. Saw a “rainbow” around the sun two days ago, in a perfectly clear sky. I googled “sunbow”, and apparently, there aren’t any. Checked on ‘rainbow around the sun’. Most logical answer is that the sun’s rays go through crystals of ice in a cloud, which produces that effect. I’ll only believe it, if you verify.
Hope you and your wife are keeping safe and warm. Our nexr stop is the Corpus Christie area – in search of blue crabs and shrimp.
Janet and Tim

    Michael · 2016-02-15 at 19:28

    Hello Janet & Tim,
    Your research is correct. This phenomenon is called ‘Sun Dogs’ and is typically brightest on either side of the Sun. If conditions are just right, you can see the ‘rainbow’ effect extend all the way around the Sun. This is quite rare, so congrats on catching this event! You can read up more on Sun Dogs on the Wikipedia article:

    Also, fyi.. this same thing can occur with the moon, and is then called a Moon Ring. I have a picture of a Moon Ring in my astrophoto collection at:

    Safe Travels!

landis roger · 2016-02-26 at 16:01

Here is the link to the hot water tap

let me know about the spyder app

Denise · 2016-06-12 at 13:40

We enjoy your posts and your live video feed. I met you briefly at RedBay and really liked your modifications. We are planning a fall trip through Las Vegas, and we are interested in staying at the Las Vegas Luxury Motorcoach Resort. We saw you have stayed here as well based on your website. It looks fabulous online. We are wondering how it compares in person. How do the standard sites, enlarged sites, and outdoor kitchen sites compare? Is the extra expense really worth it? We appreciate your input. We are debating about what level of site to get and how long to stay. We have never stayed at a pricey/luxurious site before. This would be a new experience in our 2016 Tiffin Phaeton.

Thank you for your time and input.

    Lehnanne · 2016-06-13 at 08:41

    Denise, we have stayed at LVMResort several times. It is by far the nicest RV resort in Las Vegas area. We have stayed on a standard site with no buildout as well as a site with a small buildout. There are some really swank sites here and luxury is the right word for this place. It is even more fabulous than it looks online.

    It really depends on your tastes and needs — every site gives you access to the guest amenities. I am not sure, you would have to verify this with office, but I don’t think renting a buildout site gives you access to the entire buildout features. It depends on what the owner has allowed usage of as well as resort rules. I could be wrong on that point.

    There isn’t a bad site in this place. Hope this helps and if you have more questions just let us know. Also, *wink* look for a new post in coming weeks regarding LVMResort.

Denise · 2016-06-14 at 17:10


Thank you so much for the feedback. We look forward to your post on the LVMResort. Also, we see from your website that you have a trusted vet in the Las Vegas area. We have a new puppy, a red Australian Labradoodle named Finn. He will need to be neutered when we are in the Las Vegas area. Is there a specific Vet that you would recommend at Legacy Animal Hospital. We really appreciate your feedback. Hope we can meet you both and your furry friends sometime soon.

Safe Travels,

    Lehnanne · 2016-06-16 at 10:12

    The entire staff at Legacy Animal Hospital has impressed me. There isn’t enough room here for me to tell you how comfortable I am with this group of people. Can’t wait to meet Finn, oh yeah *wink* and you two.

Greg · 2016-08-19 at 19:26

Hi, my wife and I are currently staying in Las Vegas. If and when you happen to be in the desert again I would like to have a conversation with you about your water system, as we have a large 5ver and would like to consider an installation in the near future. If you find a little time please get in touch with me. Thanks

    Michael · 2016-08-23 at 07:19

    Hello Greg,
    We’re currently in Vegas as well. Happy to talk about the installation any time. I do work a day job through the week, so typically available after 5pm on weekdays. Thanks!

Phoebe Benner · 2017-06-11 at 12:12

Thanks and New Resource for your “Going Solo” Page

Hi there,

I came across your Going Solo page ( today while searching for RVing resources. There’s a lot of great content on there – thanks for taking the time to put it together.

Also, I wanted to pass along another useful resource guide on the same topic: “The Ultimate Guide to RVing Resources” ( I figured your visitors would probably find it valuable as well.

Let me know what you think. Hope you have a great day!

Thanks again,

Dan Hershberger · 2017-09-07 at 12:59

I am thinking about an RO Water system. I looked at your installation. It caused me to think about whether I should do a whole rv or just drinking and fridge system, my current plan. No that you have it in, what do you think. We spend our winter in AJ, AZ and our home base is in MN. We are full time 2016 AllegroBus45OP. shoot me an email and Ill give you my cell. I would love to talk with you a little about your install.

    Michael · 2017-09-11 at 10:16

    Hello Dan,
    I would strongly suggest doing the whole RV RO. We love having it throughout the coach and it helps ensure none of the plumbing or water using appliances are harmed by the harsh water we encounter across the country. AZ has especially hard water ( over 500 PPM ) and Ruidoso, NM had 1300 PPM! With the whole coach RO, 500 to 700 ppm gets reduced to less than 20, and the 1300 PPM water dropped to about 120ppm. Not the best, but so much better than it started.

Patricia A Cahill · 2018-04-25 at 18:02

So much fun seeing you having so much fun. We just started RV 5th wheel travel. There’s a lot to learn, tricks of the trade but it’s been a glorious way to travel. Thanks for letting me peak in.
Patricia Cahill

Josh · 2019-01-01 at 22:14

How has it been pulling the car trailer? I’m more interested when you find a spot for the night do you find it difficult to find a place to park the trailer? I met you back in June just north of San Francisco. We are looking to start pulling an enclosed trailer for our car as well. Just wanted to see if your tired of having to deal with the trailer.

Thanks, Josh

    Michael · 2019-01-02 at 13:12

    Hey Josh,
    Good to hear from you. Trailer pulling is going well. If we’re stopping for an overnight, we typically boondock at a Truck Stop. The trailer actually makes this easier than towing 4 down since you can back it easily. If we *must* stop in a campground ( refilling fresh water or what not ), we call ahead and find one that has a 70′ pull through available and we’re all set.

    Safe travels,

Richard Sorey · 2019-11-27 at 05:01

Is it possible to still obtain a coach proxy, I have a 2015 Tiffin allegro open road 35QBA

    Michael · 2019-11-27 at 09:05

    Hi Richard,
    CoachProxy as a product is no longer produced, but you can order the needed parts and download the software for free. Details are available at

    All the best!

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