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Where have we been?!

Where have we been?  Well, lots of places, we’ve just been terrible bloggers. Enjoy catching up with a lot of photos and videos below.

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There is such enormous pressure to be with family this time of year.  Pressure to make a huge sacrifice to sit with narrow-minded people that if you had just met them, you would walk away shaking your head in disbelief at how cruel and ignorant they were. Some of the things that come out of their mouth are just astounding and yet you are supposed to sit there, crack a weak smile and just count the minutes until you are home again and back to the people that give a damn about you. Staying silent to keep the peace so your “family” can have a Happy Holiday filled with bastardized sentiment and an insane amount of consumer crap that will be clogging landfills in a matter of days.

I am fortunate that Mamma taught me many things. Be kind to animals, help those in need, people come in all varieties, and they are all HUMAN. The one thing that I am most grateful for and has given me the most peace is that DNA does not make you family. People in your life simply because of a genetic connection doesn’t mean that they deserve your love or your time.

“Life is too short to put up with assholes.”

I have had blood knock me down, and I have had strangers help me up. You don’t have to put up with toxic people just because you share some DNA.

Find your tribe, make your FRAMILY.

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Welcoming our Model X P100D

On July 27th, we took delivery of our new 2017 Tesla Model X P100D!   However, we’ve only really had it for our daily driving for about 4 days.. and no, it wasn’t having repairs done. 🙂 Continue reading Welcoming our Model X P100D

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e-Bikes, get em while they’re hot!


Last December, we bought two premium electric bikes with the idea that we’d use them to slowly get back into biking since you can pedal with various levels of electric motor assist, or use the twist throttle when you’re tired of pedaling and just need to get home. 🙂

We have, however, rarely used them. Thus we are putting them up for sale in hopes someone else can make use of them at a drastic discount over the new retail cost.

Which e-Bikes you ask?  Only the top of the line and both with several upgrades!

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iRV2 – Banned forever

As a tech nut, operator of a few forums, and moderator of a few others, I’m no stranger to the potential headaches of managing a forum and keeping things civil and helpful. I also recognize and commiserate on the desire to protect members from spammers and scammers or those just there for commercial profit. There is, however, a bit of logic that should be kept in mind when maintaining these communities. iRV2 appears to not subscribe to this logic.

Today, friend, fellow RVer, and geek David Bott was banned from iRV2 until January because someone asked him for where to find a video he’d created on the topic of better RV Wi-Fi, and he posted a direct link to it on his blog. Like most bloggers, David does have a small Amazon search on his site and uses affiliate links when he’s talking about a specific product. In the eyes of iRV2, this made his site ‘commercial’ and they banned him for the link.
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