Our View

This is our current LIVE VIDEO view out the front of our motorhome.
  • Note: Our video uplink is dependent on cellular service, thus there may be times that the signal drops our and the video is unavailable. Other times, it may stop and simply require clicking the play button to get going again (i.e. as we switch towers).
  • Note: If we’re parked for any period of time, we are likely to have our MagneShade installed.. Thus, you may see a grid pattern in the video.

Where are we?

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    1. Morning Lynn,
      Since our video is cellular service dependant, there were times yesterday that it simply couldn’t work.


  1. Good morning Kidds!

    I see your view perfectly now and I recognize the area where you’re at. That used to be all open desert when I live there and traveled from close to the UNLV to Wiskey Pete’s at the state line, long, long ago.

    That campground looks fancy.

    I’m so excited for your Tesla acquisition. You haven’t posted much since getting it. I’m assuming your busy playing with the new toy.

    We are back out there looking at campers, wanting to trade the 5th wheel. Kept thinking truck camper, but now we’re in love with the new Winnebago View 24J. It has everything we want, small and potential to have enough seating with some minor additional belts on the bed, we’re thinking. A little higher in price than we planned though.

    Really miss you guys. So many things to talk about. I’ll call.

    Squirrel – Do you have a bread machine? Love yah, Lynn.

    1. We are doing well, I’ve been a slacker as far as posting. We’ve been having a lot of fun with family and seeing shows in town. The campground is fancy – we like it a lot, quiet and lots of nice people. No gun shots. LOL. The Tesla is amazing. We love it.
      We are heading to Arizona in a few days and I will post some images and posts about this visit to Vegas. Better late than never.

      Squirrel – we don’t have a bread machine, but we don’t eat bread so it’s okay. =)

  2. Good morning Kidds. Curious how the box trailer pull went hauling Tesla? How are you liking Tuscon area? We have some friends in that area. Kicking around the issea of making a trip to AZ. Once I know I have a new job. How long are you guys planning to be in AZ? Lynn

    1. AZ is a nice place to visit. We are only in AZ for another week then we are off to Texas. We will be in NC in March – coming back for Drs appts. Staying at SHP – hope to see you guys then. Pulling the trailer is fine. We have almost got it down pat as far as hitching, loading and such. =)

    1. We strive to be ultra-low carb and non-GMO. Bread doesn’t fit well into that lifestyle… We do miss it though, and cheat sometimes.. but we usually pay for it later.

  3. what type of camera and set up do you have…….Love this idea. Our 2 adult children (who live on East and West coast), and not to mention our grandkids scattered across the U.S. would also like to keep tabs on us.

    Thanks, love this site

    1. Hello William-n-Shirley,
      We use a Microseven camera available from Amazon (Direct Link). The great thing about them is that the company ( Microseven ) provides free re-broadcast streaming of the camera’s feed (and it’s very easy to setup). This means that your internet connection from the coach only has to go up to their server, and then their server handles the load of however many clients are viewing simultaneously. Further, the stream from your camera to the server is only active if someone else is watching, so another bandwidth saver. Still, I would recommend only using this type of feature if you have a grandfathered unlimited internet account.

      Happy to answer any other questions!

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