Where have we been? Well, lots of places, we’ve just been terrible bloggers. Enjoy catching up with a lot of photos and videos below.

13 Aug -> 20 Aug:: Colorado Springs, CO
  • visiting longtime friends Jim and Nancy
  • preparing for the Solar Eclipse!
20 Aug -> 21 Aug:: Glendo, WY
23 Aug:: Sundermeier RV Park, St Charles, MO
  • quick stop to pump & dump en-route to Red Bay, AL
24 Aug -> 31 Aug:: Tiffin Service Center, Red Bay, AL
  • corrected sagging Kitchen Slide roof
    • The sag was causing water leaks into the kitchen cabinets!
    • NOTE: This issue was resolved in production after our early ’16 built unit came off the line
1 Sep -> 10 Sep:: Capital City RV Park, Montgomery, AL
  • visiting longtime friend Brittany
  • Waiting for Hurricane Irma to pass, then planned to be on the Florida Gulf Coast for the first 1/2 of the winter!
    • woke up Sunday to see Irma’s track had fallen to the west coast of Florida (where we intended to be)
    • decided to abandon our Florida winter plans and give the area time to recover without us being in the way
10 Sep -> 24 Sep:: Whispering Hills RV Park, Georgetown, KY
  • visiting friends and family
  • Natural Bridge Park, KY
29 Sep -> 19 May:: LVM Resort, Las Vegas, NV
  • Work on the X
    • Repaired front bumper from damage in-transit / hood from a big rock chip/dent
      • The rock chip/dent occurred in Lexington, KY. I saw the rock coming at us in slow motion, but didn’t process it quickly enough to try and dodge it.
      • The front bumper damage – we hit an un-marked frost heave in Arizona doing about 70mph. The RV / Car hauler bucked like a bronco. We pulled into the next off-ramp to inspect things and found that ALL FOUR tire straps had popped loose, the X had shifted forward (against the loading ramp door), and to the driver’s side by about 4 inches. A 50-point turn and a bit of yelling at the desert later, and we were ready to load it back into the hauler and carry on down the road. All in all, it could have been MUCH worse. The X only sustained some paint rub on the leading edge of the bumper.
    • Corrected Falcon Wing Door to body alignment
    • Repaired damage that was done by ‘Service King’ during FWD alignment
      Yes, ‘Service King’ inflicted more damage to the X (along with taking a 10-minute crank the stereo break in it). Tesla was beside themselves and bent over backwards to make sure everything got resolved with a body shop I was comfortable with.
    • Black Satin chrome-delete
    • PPF on the front clip
    • CQF-Reserve restored after all other work complete
  • Events
  • Starman rode a Tesla Roadster to SPACE!

  • Valley of Fire State Park
  • Ethel M’s Holiday Lights
  • LVM Resort Parties
  • Holidays and more with the Family
  • Discovered the wonders of cooking Sous Vide!
  • Two business trips
  • BIG RV Electrical Project! ( Read more HERE )
    • Installed 1800 watts of Solar
    • Tesla Battery Install!
20 May -> 27 May:: Yanks RV Resort, Greenfield, CA
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