Weekend rant …

Repeat after me. This is not 7-11, we are not OPEN ALL NIGHT. This is not a fun park, this is not KOA .. this is a quiet mom and pop campground where people come to relax. On site park managers live here but we don’t LIVE here. If you tell us you are going to be in by 5 and you don’t show and don’t call – don’t get pissy when we go to the grocery store. Suck it up buttercup.



Back it up.

You don’t have to impress me. You don’t have to lie to me. If you have a 40′ RV hitched up to a 50K$ truck and you haven’t a clue how to drive or back it up – don’t lie to me. Just tell me you NEED a pull thru or a vast open space to back that thing up in to.

Also don’t tell me that you and your wife have “signals” when all they are is her standing there yelling stop when you almost hit something. Ass end left 2 feet, front end straight, those are signals … pointing even works.

Where do these people come from? I guess I am an overthinker, over -researcher … I want to know how it all works before I venture out.

MichaelĀ and I have walkie talkies for the blind spots and hand signals for the mirrors … even though most of the time MichaelĀ can back our rig up in his sleep, blind folded with one hand tied behind his shell. Anyhow – that is my Friday rant. We have them lined up this weekend so I am sure I will have more material before the holiday is over.

Be safe and remember what Memorial Day is about.