I cook like my Great-Grandma Puttick; a pinch here, a bit there … and it comes together. I rarely write things down or get serious with measuring unless I am following a precise recipe – especially baking. Baking is a science, a formula, a known path to a destination. Cooking is wandering the woods. I cook with reckless abandon.

Michael tells people about my cooking and tries to explain the meals. The Italian Meatloaf, Fauxtato Soup, Chicken Lettuce Wraps and now … MEATZZA. He has been after me to put these things on the blog so he can just share the links. So here it is … the RECIPES category.

I am going to start taking pictures and posting recipes (both mine and others I’ve modified- with credit to original of course *grins*).

But be warned I am VERY particular about the food I eat — I have become a no good dirty goddamn hippy.

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