Counting down

We have a date. Michael got the nod yesterday. So we will be heading out end of September. There is a lot left to do but it is going to be amazing.

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Some of the site ideas we have are a live streaming dash cam, a GPS tracker where you can see where we are.and so forth.



Slow & Steady


We are slowly getting things ready for the big road trip. About 4 weeks or so left before we leave NC. Trying to get things sorted, stowed, and backed up is just tedious. I feel like we shouldn’t have to go through this again. We moved from a 1700 sq ft house in 2007 and even though we have not collected THAT much — it is more than this RV can handle. Well, more than I can handle in this RV. I detest clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place.

But, we are making progress – slow and steady.

Michael is working on plotting the course and stop-overs. It makes me crazy because we don’t have solid dates. It has been “in a few weeks” since last Autumn. Soooooo… I am trying not to get worked up and let it just be what it is. But, being the planner that I am – I admit it is driving me a bit wonky.

Friday we went going over to a friends for BBQ chicken and fixins. She was heading out for while and as an RVer you HATE to have to cook the night before you get up early and hit the road. Potluck time!!


Honey Do

I have had a couple of days to relax and do nothing. A lot of things have changed – for the better. I needed this time to absorb it all. Also .. make lists.

I am a big list maker. I have small notebooks stashed in places, apps on my phone, lists in my head. Stuff that needs to be done, stuff that I want done, bucket list, honey do list.

Moving back into an RV full time came with a great opportunity to SORT first. The last time we moved from a 1700 sq ft brick ranch house to a 40′ 5th wheel … for weeks we had only a path through the boxes. Things we thought we wanted to keep, things we believed we would need.

This time we are afforded the chance to really go through things and let them go. I am finding this way easier than LK. He is a champ with it but I see he bothers him. The “what if I need this” voice is strong with him. Me, if I find that I have gotten rid of something that I NEED .. I get another one. Sentimental objects are a little different – but gadgets and such, it is the curse of being an Army Brat. You have to move so often, and you don’t always get to take all of your things with you, so you learn to let it go.

This time around I am trying really hard to let even the sentimental things fall away. Finding them good homes with people who will truly enjoy them and cherish them. Everything else, donated.

Collect moments not things.

RV Home yet?

Last night we slept in the RV for the first night as “home”. We are still in the process of getting things out of the house and sorted but we are home. For now and the next few months we will be in NC still but we are hoping to get out and travel full time. Think Ricky Nelson “Wanderer” without all of the sleeping around. =)

The first thing I noticed when I sat down to my “desk” this morning was that the front cab windows are not dual pane. It is freezy freezy up in here. So, I must find a remedy for that. Right now the quick fix is knitted fingerless gloves and hot tea. =)

LK is in the process of hooking up sat tv, server and cable modem — cause you know we can’t sit still without that stuff. =)

It’s gonna be great. Just gotta work out some kinks.

You’re Motoring ….

We have a date. We will be back in the full time RV lifestyle 25 Nov 2013. LK got a new job that is all about the telecommute. SCHWING!!

So we will be hanging around NC for a bit to tie up loose ends and he’ll get some training out of the way but then we are hoping it all falls into place so that we may roam about the countryside.

I know he has to WORK for a living but I am hoping while on the road we can tick off some boxes on the bucket list.

Any ideas on what should go on the bucket list?

RV Living

We just returned from 2 weeks in the motorhome. It was quite fun and much different than 5th Wheel living — peeing at 60mph is a thrill. The motorhome made even a WV Wal-Mart parking lot feel like home. The dogs are getting used to it – as well they should.

We talked about going back to full time almost immediately after we sold our 5th Wheel last year. So it is no surprise to anyone that we are looking to going back to full-timing.

Which means a few things — we have to start reigning in the hobbies that take up so much space and downsizing. While the RV does have 4 (albeit not-so-great tvs) .. we need to start thinking about selling off stuff and try very hard not to acquire new stuff.

Time will tell. There is no calendar set on this move — we are just in planning phase now. But since we have the motorhome, we have space and dimensions to think about and make concrete plans.

Yay us.

window shopping online

Since trying to simplify life I have tried to buy less crap. It hasn’t always worked out the way I want but I have gotten better. MOST of the time the crap I buy is crap I can actually use. Cute and functional. But sometimes I see stuff that will have no real use other than something shiny for me to look at, break during a road trip, and keep dust free on a gravel drive (wish me luck on that last one.).

The great thing about online shopping is that I can wishlist it or add it to my Amazon and then if I STILL want it, I will remember where it was. That was the issue with meat life shopping. I’d see something I would like, walk away to ponder it – go back and never see it again.

You have to understand 2 things about me and my life to really appreciate this. 1) I have buyers remorse before I get to the check out – I often talk myself out of small to large purchases. It drives LK crazy. 2) I have VERY limited space now and if I am going to buy something it has to function within that space.

I am still a sticker slut and a pen whore — I love quirky t-shirts and I don’t think I will ever walk by cute stuffed animals without at least a passing glance but I think I am getting better at this RV lifestyle.

= )

The story of the RV

BLUE asked for me details so I thought others may be interested too.

Summer 2007.

During a frustrating bout with idiot drivers, traffic and plain idiots in Hampton Roads, VA on a sunny Saturday in June we make the commitment to get out of VA asap. That Monday LK had freshened his resume and put up FSBO posts in several online spots as well has staked a sign in our yard.

Quickly he got a job offer in Lexington, KY. He is from KY and it was a good distance from my family. Easy to get up there to see the ones I love and far enough that the genetically linked idiots wouldn’t make the effort to drive down for a visit.

We had borrowed the motorhome my aunt and uncle own to stay for a bit. It is a 15 year old 30′ Class A Fleetwood Stormwind, too small for us and the dogs but better than paying for hotels while we look for a place to stay long term. LK at this point is not a fan of the idea of living in an RV full time. I have always wanted to shed the shackles of owning a lot of stuff and just go go go. LK, only having experience with this one RV is against it.

One day a couple come to KY Horse Park with a Heartland 5th Wheel. They offer a tour of their place. LK is smitten – starts researching Heartland immediately.

It is becoming apparent at this point (October) that the house is not going to sell any time soon. So we had to move from the beautiful campground at Kentucky Horse Park to some shanty town trailer park that allowed RVs. There really needs to be more campgrounds in this country.

So back and forth we go on renting an apartment -staying in the RV. The Stormwind is for weekend travel really. It is 30′ long with no slide outs and with one car and LK working I am going stir crazy. We start talking about getting our own place. There are several apartment / condos that I like. None that LK likes. There was a great house with a couple of acres just outside of Lexington that was the same exterior, and layout on the inside as Graceland. No kidding. Minus the out there Elvis decor. It was awesome. I fell in love. LK did not.

We started looking into getting an RV of our own. LK didn’t want a motor home – thinking it would be too small like the one we were in. My Aunt Mollie has a very nice motor home with slides and such but LK doesn’t remember what that one looked like and besides tow-able coaches are in the price range we are willing to pay. (It amazes me that some RVs and land yachts are close to a million $US. WTF!)

Nothing we see locally sparks an interest like the Heartland did. So we find one in Springfield, OH (thaaaaa Simpsooooonssss) and go check it out in person.

LK was beyond smitten – corian countertops, convection/microwave, W/D, 2 flat screen tvs, king bed —

2008 Heartland Landmark w/ Augusta Floorplan <— you can see why it was impressing us in these pictures.

We made the deal in December and got a fantastic price and deal. LK has become more involved with the Heartland community. They really do take care of their people and take great pride in their customer service – if you are looking for an RV – either weekender or fulltiming it — check out Heartland RVs.

Ok, back to the story. LK goes up to sign all of the paperwork and to follow the delivery truck of the coach down to Lexington. Uncle J went with him while Aunt P and I start getting things in her RV packed up and ready to swap over to our new place.

The payment on the RV is far less than even the crack house rental we found in downtown Lexington. We made the choice to get the RV because it would be ours, we wouldn’t have to deal with all that comes with renting a place and we just weren’t sold on Lexington enough to buy a house there.

to be continued