Counting down

We have a date. Michael got the nod yesterday. So we will be heading out end of September. There is a lot left to do but it is going to be amazing.

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Some of the site ideas we have are a live streaming dash cam, a GPS tracker where you can see where we are.and so forth.



Slow & Steady


We are slowly getting things ready for the big road trip. About 4 weeks or so left before we leave NC. Trying to get things sorted, stowed, and backed up is just tedious. I feel like we shouldn’t have to go through this again. We moved from a 1700 sq ft house in 2007 and even though we have not collected THAT much — it is more than this RV can handle. Well, more than I can handle in this RV. I detest clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place.

But, we are making progress – slow and steady.

Michael is working on plotting the course and stop-overs. It makes me crazy because we don’t have solid dates. It has been “in a few weeks” since last Autumn. Soooooo… I am trying not to get worked up and let it just be what it is. But, being the planner that I am – I admit it is driving me a bit wonky.

Friday we went going over to a friends for BBQ chicken and fixins. She was heading out for while and as an RVer you HATE to have to cook the night before you get up early and hit the road. Potluck time!!


Lazy Sunday

lazy sunday
My Seat

The view from my seat this morning. It is a layabout morning.