Last night we slept in the RV for the first night as “home”. We are still in the process of getting things out of the house and sorted but we are home. For now and the next few months we will be in NC still but we are hoping to get out and travel full time. Think Ricky Nelson “Wanderer” without all of the sleeping around. =)

The first thing I noticed when I sat down to my “desk” this morning was that the front cab windows are not dual pane. It is freezy freezy up in here. So, I must find a remedy for that. Right now the quick fix is knitted fingerless gloves and hot tea. =)

LK is in the process of hooking up sat tv, server and cable modem — cause you know we can’t sit still without that stuff. =)

It’s gonna be great. Just gotta work out some kinks.

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