A road to snowhere

As posted last Friday, we left Fort McDowell ( Eagle View RV Resort  — Warning: they no longer accept USPS deliveries ) and decided to make the drive to Ruidoso, NM a 2 day affair.  The thinking for this was that the weather peeps were calling for rain / snow on Saturday in Ruidoso, so I wanted to be highly functional upon arriving ( 4 hrs x 2 days and early arrival, vs 8 hr and late evening arrival ).

We didn’t really anticipate much as the forecast was for less than an inch accumulation, and it had been over 60 F the day before.  OH BOY, were we in for a SURPRISE. (more…)

Lots-o-Travel — 1900 Miles in 4 days!

Yep.. here’s our proposed route.. Starting early tomorrow morning (8 Apr, 2016) .. Trying to be on the road by 8am EDT. VEGAS OR BUST! Be sure to follow Our View.. (live video while we drive!)

Travel days ahead…

Tomorrow, we pull out of Chapel Hill, NC and start our trek back to Red Bay, AL.  There are a hand full of items that still need to be tweaked before we head on toward the west. Be sure to check out Our View for live streaming video from the Read more…

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