It went from warm and sunny days to cold and rainy to cold and sunny. Ick. The leaves are still green for the most part. This is my first Autumn in North Carolina.

The cold isn’t helping me pain wise – but I am going to the pool 2x a week and working out. I am up to a full exercise plan doing about 15 reps each. Thankful that they all take place in the warm water.

My pain specialist is in agreement that we will wait until my next appointment to really see what the nerve block did/didn’t do. Next step is burning the nerves. With RF technology but burn nonetheless.

Thanks to Twila and her BFF Bev I have plants now. They liven my work area up. And my Aunt brought down two small “barrel” chairs that have low backs – they have brightened up the place.

We found compact fluorescent bulbs that replace halogen bulbs. There are 6 lamps in the RV that use halogen. They suck the energy and heat the place up. Not to mention they are spot light bright. We are making some changes that make this place more of a home to us. We both agree that moving to the RV is still the best thing ever. Only problem is I am having a hard time seeing a Rottweiler being comfy in such tight spaces and I would love to share my home with another Rottie – I miss Max. I know no dog will ever replace him. But this is the longest I have gone since my first Rottie in 1989.


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cheryl · 2008-10-22 at 11:56



shit that sounds scary.

Ginger · 2008-10-28 at 14:12

Hi there. I found you when I did a tag search for rootweilers. I have a Rottie daughter, Hannah, and I live in NC too! I understand about having to have a rottie. There IS no other dog like them. I hope you feel better.

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