Starlink On the Roof

Starlink Update – 2020-11-13

If you’ve not watched our live stream unboxing, setting up and testing Starlink in Texas, you can check that out here. If you have watched it, you’ll know we didn’t get a connection to the Starlink satellites during our testing. So, today, I used the Starlink support portal and received Read more…

Starlink Live Stream – 2020-11-12 – LIVE AT 19:30 EST

We got our beta invite!!! Ok, sorry.. lemme start at the beginning… SpaceX (short for Space Exploration) is a Commercial Space Launch services company. They have performed over 100 successful launches, pioneered recovery of the first stage rocket, pioneered recovery of the payload fairing, returned Astronauts to space from US Read more…

Raleigh Astronomy Club Logo

Raleigh Astronomy Club discovers TurtleHerding!

On Friday, Oct 23rd at 7:30pm US Eastern Daylight Time, TurtleHerding will be joining the Raleigh Astronomy Club to talk about building a Remote Astronomical Observatory!  Please visit their calendar page for the event so you can register and watch the live stream via Zoom.