Greetings from somewhere in Arkansas. We didn’t stop in Memphis on the way out because there is a sort of deadline to get to Vegas. My aunt and uncle won’t be there after a certain date and if we stop every where we won’t make it in time. = ( I did pick up a new Elvis magnet noting the 75th year of the King. = )

Most of the landscape looks like stuff we have seen and that which holds a new beauty is short lived – the addition of some church signs telling passersbys that we are all doomed to a hell makes me wish people would just keep that shit to themselves.

Honestly I USED to not care what a person thought or felt about religion so long as they didn’t impose their beliefs on others or do harm. Well I have come to a point in my life where I can not see how anyone could really believe that their silence on things like sexual predator priests, or jihads is not harming the world. Humanity. As it was once said better than I could … Your silence will not protect you. So I feel this trip is opening my eyes.

Hatred of others is a hobby in this country. Hatred of what you don’t understand, Hatred of what you fear … hatred for hates sake. Is it any wonder the world HATES us?

I never understood religion. Spirituality I can accept with at least some reason. But seeing these billboards it has made me aware that no good can come from organized religion. Nothing more than a cult, a mob mentality. However you slice it – it is bad for everyone.

I just wish more people were open to having this conversation – with out trying to prove their side. I have never had much use for a god – and now as my days pass by me and my confidence in logic and my intelligence grows I am losing patience for the followers of any god.

On our way home we are set to drive through Topeka – home to Fred Phelps and his hate mongers of the almighty word of his god. Not lumping all religions in with the home brew of Phelps but I have met few who followed a god without being narrow minded and judgmental over those who openly don’t believe the like.

Maybe this trip will be a pilgrimage of logic, trying to be more confident in my own choices and thoughts and beliefs.

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NicolesTweetz · 2010-04-05 at 14:41

A long car trip always makes me think & ponder things as well.
I also like the look of your blog 😉

cheryl · 2010-04-05 at 17:48

Would it be too ironic if I said, “E-MEN!!”


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