Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020-12-20

2020 Jupiter/Saturn – Maximum Conjunction

Tonight, I’ll be going live for the maximum viewable conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Live stream will begin at 4:45pm US Pacific / 7:45pm US Eastern time. I’ll be broadcasting the view from my Planewave 12.5″ CDK telescope at my remote observatory in Rodeo, NM. Remember, I have an all-sky Read more…

Starlink Stack

Starlink Update – 2020-12-01

Hi all, A quick update on the Starlink Beta — a LOT has happened! Starlink Engineers hosted a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) Highlights Thread – LINK Full AMA Thread – LINK Mobile Internet Research Center provided their take – LINK Highlights that are of interest to (most) RV’ers: Mobile Read more…

Did we make it? (yes)

Hi all! Apologies for the issues causing the 3rd day stream being cut short. And, surprise! We pushed on for the 3rd day and went all the way to our final destination, Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort. So, there was no stream for the prior predicted 4th day of travel. Thanks Read more…

TurtleHerding at NTX Jellystone

Upcoming – Live Drive: 2020 Nov 26th to 28th

Hi all, We’re gonna be driving again — way sooner than we’d planned.  Join us!  We’ll be driving from Burleson, TX to FABULOUS Las Vegas! — in 3 days. The stream will be on our YouTube Channel. Here’s our projected path: Live stream:

PeachCountry RV

Our departure from Peach Country RV

Peach Country RV Site 15
I want to start by pointing out that the RV park was overall average… there was nothing specifically wrong. The sites are relatively level, there’s some grass, trees, etc.. it was relatively quiet while we were there ( less than 1 day ). Things broke down due to poor customer service. (more…)