I spent my first few years in Morrow County Ohio – most of my mother’s family still lives here. So, we are here for a few weeks visiting and catching up. It was an ordinary Monday – a bit of grocery gathering, a bit of laundry washing. I stepped out to the Jeep lugging my “we will save so much money on this 5 gallon jug of soap” (that is for another time *grins*) and I saw the horse trailer. Stacy Westfall. You may not know her but you should. She is amazing with horses and just an all around beautiful human. I timidly walked over to her truck and she opened her door as I asked “Are you the one with the YouTube video?” She was and she let me tell her how a friend sent me THE video thinking of my Mamma and I cry every time I watch it.  She was so kind. She lost her Dad just days before this video was taken. I am just amazed at her patience and skill with horses. I grew up around them but never knew that kind of connection, not for lack of trying on Mamma’s part. But Mamma was the horse woman in the family. So today when I was driving old back roads and thinking about Mamma at every turn — I meet Stacy. You can’t always get what you want — but you get what you need. 

If you don’t cry watching this — check your pulse.

The cool thing is that Stacy and her family are RVers now. Travel the country with their horses and enjoying life. Gotta love that!!

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Felicia · 2014-10-18 at 02:07

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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