Don’t mind me, I’m just posting today to shatter the notion that RVing is only a game for 2 or more players. A dear friend of mine is interested in taking his camper out but wondered what it must look like if he did it alone. I assured him that there is plenty of solo camping going on. For whatever reason that people are alone, there is no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy RVing. I have met those who have lost their spouse, divorced, haven’t settled down, don’t want to settle down and just out for a weekend away while their SO is off doing their own thing. (Even couples that thoroughly enjoy each other need a break too.)

Pretty much every social site on the internet has a section for RVing. Facebook pages, Google+ communities, Yahoo Groups, IRC… if it is out there RVers are there. Your mileage may vary with these groups and I have to say it — use common sense and stay safe when using ANY online forum.

Anyhow, I promised I would do some research for him and decided that if he had these questions, certainly others may as well. So here I am sharing, what can I say, I’m a giver. Membership is US$45 a year and you must be legally single. Loners on Wheels has been active since 1969. Membership is US$60 a year and you must be legally single; you do not have to own an RV but when you travel with the group you must be in a vehicle in which you can eat, sleep, cook, bathe and go to the toilet.

Not exclusive to SOLOS but good place for information and friendship: (FREE) open to all (original group open to all) and *geared toward younger RVers (US$40 a year and for now membership is to both clubs Good Sam Club (US$25 a year) Family Motor Coach Association (US$40 a year)

With the paid membership groups you get a lot of perks — discounts on fuel, shopping, campgrounds.

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If you are worried about little things like taking pictures alone at cool sites or what people will think when they see you having a blast by yourself I suggest you grab your selfie stick and these socks, and go enjoy this fabulous rock we call home.

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