NOTE: This is the first video since Day 9.  I haven’t been able to be on-site since then, and won’t be on-site next week at all.  Our next video will likely be after Saturday the 25th.

In this video:

  • Interior status sweep
    • First look at the L shaped sofa
    • All cabinetry / woodwork installed
  • Chrome Cassette Steps
  • Blacking in the Outside TV Area
  • Misc paint touch ups
  • Removing all ‘Allegro Bus’ chrome lettering (didn’t care for the new font/placement)

Video after the break!
Sorry, due to a glitch in YouTube, our entire channel was deleted. We’ve re-uploaded all our build videos except for this one, which we cannot find a copy of.

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Mike Nix · 2015-07-18 at 15:17

Love the videos and your new Bus! Since I may be in Red Bay soon for a Phaeton build, I was just wondering what model camera and software are you using to make your videos. I may attempt something like that myself. Also, what else is left for them to finish on your build? It looks pretty much complete now. Thanks again for the great flix!

    Michael · 2015-07-18 at 19:09

    Hello Mike,
    Glad you’re enjoying the videos, and congrats on the Phaeton build! On to your questions…
    Camera: I’ve shot with two different cameras.
    * The bulk has been shot on a Canon Vixia HF R600. This is what all the hand held shots were done with.
    * The timelapse wide angle stuff was shot with a GoPro knock off ( SJ4000 ). It’s handy because it works with GoPro mounts of all types.

    Software: The types of editing I’m doing is very simple.. just snippets cut / stuck together, a few captions and replacing the audio track. I’m using Microsoft Movie Maker which is free to download for Windows. There’s a lot of alternatives, but this has worked well enough. I really have no previous video editing experience…

    Left to finish on our coach… Really at this point, it’s practically all touch up stuff. There’s a few buggers in the clear coat that are being sanded and re-polished. Some (very very few) spots require a lot of sanding, and re-shooting to clean it up. On the interior, there are also some minor cosmetic imperfections.. A pair of knobs that aren’t aligned, a pair of cabinet doors that aren’t completely aligned, a few gaps that need trim pieces / tape… We have thrown them a bit of a curve too… We asked for the couches to be swapped out.. The Passenger side we’re looking to replace with the recliner, and the driver’s side we would love to have the normal straight couch instead of the L shaped couch. These are not deal breakers, and we realize it’s late int he game to change these.. so if they don’t get swapped, we’re more than OK with that.

    Hope this helps a bit.. and thanks for reaching out! Good luck with your build!

      Mike Nix · 2015-07-19 at 11:05

      Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ll do some quick research and see what I may need before I head to Red Bay. I’m still waiting on our build date so I can hopefully arrange to get off work. I’ll probably try to fly into Huntsville and rent a car from there. It seems like the closest place.
      Thanks again, Mike.

mark · 2015-07-26 at 16:53

curious about the second door by the exterior tv. What’s up? Love the layout of the op.

    Michael · 2015-07-27 at 06:38

    Hello Mark, the extra opening provides access to storage behind the fireplace, as well as the HDMI splitters used in the video distribution system. We’re currently in the middle of moving into the new unit! Exciting times!
    – Michael

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