Today… Paint touch ups and clear coat

Video after the break! 

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mel · 2015-07-11 at 14:10

Looks beautiful!

Linda · 2015-07-16 at 00:53

we are about to build a 45op. What happened after day 9? Any words of advice?

Your home is so beautiful. We hope you have many wonderful adventures in it, and please keep the videos coming.

    Michael · 2015-07-16 at 05:36

    Hi Linda, Congrats on picking the 45op! Our rig is currently back at Red Bay undergoing lots of inspections and tidying up any little things they find. The tile guy had busted up 3 tiles and replaced them, and re-grouted some areas.

    Unfortunately, I had to travel for businesses and haven’t been onsite to shoot more videos. I fly back into town today and hope to have another video up be the weekend, but it will likely just be a status video since activity now is very sporadic.

    Good luck with your order! We highly recommend watching it through production if you can.


Linda · 2015-07-17 at 20:56

So which dealer did you buy from? We are buying from Bankston in Huntsville. We finally know we are closing on our house in California on August 10th and just checked with Bankston and they said our coach won’t go into the line until October 12th. Ugh. We will be traveling cross country (obviously very slowly) in a Jeep with two dogs. Well, we wanted an adventure. :-). Did the coach leave the factory after day 9? I thought it took longer than 9 days. Do you think they did a better job of building the coach because you were there for the build?

    Michael · 2015-07-17 at 22:28

    Hi Linda,
    Congrats on the order! We went through Davis Motorhome Mart in Memphis, TN. We shopped our build around to about 6 dealerships, and Davis came in with the best price. They’re also who the Bott’s went through ( ).

    Our coach is at the Belmont Paint plant now, getting some paint touch ups done. From there, it’ll come back to Red Bay to take care of some final interior touch ups, then on to the Dealer for delivery. Our projected delivery is July 29th, but could be a few days earlier at this pace.

    Also, I just uploaded a Day 14 video ( taken today ). Unfortunately, I have to fly out Sunday and won’t be back until Saturday the 25th, so this will be the last update until after that date.

    Believe me, we understand the anticipation waiting for the coach build! Regarding the better build quality from me being on-site.. While it’s true I’ve caught things that weren’t quite correct… the difference between me on-site or not is almost certainly minimal. There are a lot of hands on the coach and lots of inspections at every step, so the team at Tiffin have found WAY more things to correct than I did. What me being on-site did allow was having things tweaked along the way to make it a more perfect coach for us… and since i’m a jack of all trades, knowing how everything goes together is a HUGE win for me.

    Congrats again on everything, and definitely keep in touch!

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