September 2017 marks our 10-year full-time anniversary.  Here are some thoughts on making the transition to RVing.

Try downsizing BEFORE you make the leap into RVing. About the most you can hope for is around 400 sq ft of space (living and storage combined). If you are used to and enjoy 2000 square feet or more of living space, this idea may cause you to break out in hives.  Do what works for you to downsize, if you have a lot of STUFF try boxing up things and write the date on the box.  If it has not been open in 6 months  – you don’t need it – donate it. If you have family and friends that could use things that you have multiples of – give it away.  You could even sell it all off to help pay for your next adventure! In our house in Virginia, I had a home office and a reading room. Now, I have a laptop and a Kindle and that works for me.  You may find it liberating to let go of the THINGS that own you. Items that held memories for me I kept for a while.  However, after a few years of being boxed up in storage and me not having space to display them, I realized they weren’t getting the love they deserved;  so I gave them away too.  First, I took photographs of the items and then family heirlooms went to family and the rest donated. If I am feeling nostalgic, I load up those pictures as a slideshow and just let the memories wash over me without the need to display them on a shelf where I would lose space and end up dusting them twice a week or risk them breaking in travel.



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Good tips, thanks

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