The evening was Sept 28th… I was looking over various readings in my Home-Assistant instance and something caught my eye. Wait.. our chassis batteries were at… 4.6v ? Clearly, that couldn’t be right… I have them on a dedicated 145 watt solar panel to maintain them. Surely, they were fine?

Alas, they were .. not. I tried charging them and did get them to about 13 volts, but that, they did not keep. As soon as they were disconnected from the charger, back to 6 volts or less they went.

The next day, I called around and found 2 x Duracell batteries that would work quite well, and… they were less expensive than some lower grade batteries that I’d also found.

An hour or so of work, and I had the batteries swapped and ready for our pending departure on Oct 1st.


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