September 2017 marks our 10-year full-time anniversary.  Here are some thoughts on making the transition to RVing.

Where you want to travel can impact your choice of RV. If you fancy the bustle of city life and lots of amenities you are going to probably need a different set up than you would if you like off-grid travel and roughing it. Our coach has a dishwasher and heated tile floors, so you know which I prefer.  While the size of your coach doesn’t keep you from visiting places, it can be a logistical nightmare. The State and National Park systems don’t have a lot of options for coaches longer than 35 feet, a lot of them don’t have full hook-ups (water, electric and sewer). Even more, have roads that were built in the 50s and make traveling with a big coach unsafe. That is not to say that you can’t visit the parks – you just have to do a lot of prep work, research and most likely find a park nearby and drive in with your towed vehicle.

If you’d rather just wing it, you are probably better off with a smaller RV. If stopping at a friends house and parking in their driveway or taking the older less traveled roads a Class B or Class C may work better for you. If you want to set up camp and go Jeeping, then a towable trailer might do the trick. The point is, there are a lot of options and doing the research based on what you want and how you want to go forth is your best bet.

Another option that a lot of people take is seasonal camping. For whatever reason, visiting family, escaping inclement weather, keeping up residency or medical visits; staying in one spot for part of the year has advantages.

Google Maps is fantastic for planning out your bucket list.  You can create trip maps and lists. If you find a place you want to visit, say every NHL arena, add each destination with a “star,” and you can plan a route accordingly.

There are also many apps that can help you plan your route. Safely guiding you away from low clearance and to fuel stops. But, more on that later.




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