On July 27th, we took delivery of our new 2017 Tesla Model X P100D!   However, we’ve only really had it for our daily driving for about 4 days.. and no, it wasn’t having repairs done. 🙂

July 28th: 1/2 day at EcoTint Las Vegas
Had ever piece of glass tinted with PhotoSync, front doors to 35%, everything else with 75% as the factory glass had a fairly dark tint but adding the PhotoSync to it helped with heat rejection. The windshield was tinted with Llumar Air Blue 80, again for heat rejection (43% solar energy rejection). I also had them apply some Llumar Paint Protection Film to the scuff plates on entry sill for all 4 doors. They’re aluminum and tend to scratch very easily under normal use. EcoTint is the only place in Las Vegas (one of very few in the US) that volunteers to tint the entire front windshield of a Model X in one sheet! I’ve done some tint work in my past, and believe me when I say that is a HUGE undertaking. Hats off to all involved in this process!
July 31 to Aug 5th at The Specialists Detail Studio
Here’s where the big work happened. Theodore and Tony performed a 3 step paint correction to bring out the real shine of the X, then they applied c.Quartz Finest Reserve which makes the X look like it’s practically dripping in gloss. They also coordinated getting the rims re-colored to satin black, a 3 part process of acid dipping, media blasting, and powder coating. Those that know me will quickly admit that my ‘attention to detail’ is through the roof. I have finally met two other people who are at least on-par with me (if not bit more detail oriented) when it comes to vehicle finish! I have pictures of Theodore sitting on a stool with a fine brush in hand detailing my brake calipers! They were both amazingly friendly and had no problems answering my most inane questions and catering to my paranoia when I wondered if the wheel crew re-mounted the right tires to the right rims (the X has staggered rims / tires front to back). They both sent me photos and videos of the progression throughout the entire process. Amazing service and amazing results from two amazing detailers!

Here are some photos, starting with the way I picked it up from Tesla and progressing to how it sits on our site right now. We love the X and are ecstatic with how it’s turned out!


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