Our smart thermostats have been working GREAT! So well, that our buddy David Bott from Outside Our Bubble decided he’d like them installed in his coach too! In classic Outside Our Bubble style, we opted to perform the installation LIVE! I’ve updated the original posting with the video, and I’m including it here for your convenience!


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Laura Cordero · 2019-11-26 at 19:30

Michael, would that thermostat work in ou 5th wheel?

    Michael · 2019-11-26 at 19:34

    Hello Laura,
    Most likely, yes. There are some systems which cannot be easily replaced though. For example, if you remove your existing thermostat from the wall and it’s connected via a telephone style cable (wide, flat cable with a phone jack on the end), then that will not be replaceable using this method, at least, not to my knowledge. However, if your thermostat has a hand full of individual wires plugged into it, then this will likely work.

    Hope this helps!

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