Mods: Whole RV Reverse Osmosis Water

Spending a large portion of our time in the desert south west, we’ve come to the conclusion that 2 stage filtration and a water softener simply isn’t sufficient.  Plus, with the hardness of the water in this area, we’re having to regenerate the water softener every week (about a 30 to 45 minute job).  It’s not particularly difficult, but gets old after 10 weeks..

So, we decided to move to a Reverse Osmosis system for the whole RV. (more…)

So? Do you have it? What happened? Where’ve ya been?

YES, we have it!  We’ve spent the past couple of days getting used to the idea that it’s ours.  Wow, it’s ours… still crazy to think it’s really here!

Michael and Tesla Model S 90D

Michael and Tesla Model S 90D


Tesla update – It’s almost time…

We are scheduled to pick up our new Tesla Model S 90D …. TOMORROW!  10am pacific time.. 🙂 In the mean time, here’s a quick video update I shot of the delivery truck arrival at the Tesla Studio:

OMG – two Tesla updates in two days!

It’s now _______________________ Production Complete Your Model S is in transit from the factory. Estimated Delivery October 14, 2015 – October 21, 2015 _______________________ /me does a little happy dance

Sooooo Close! — Tesla update

Model S delivery getting firmer! Before today, all it said was ‘October – Early November’… A two week window is much better than 6! Based on others experience, it’ll likely be closer to the beginning of the new delivery window.

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