A little Horsehead Nebula

First shot at Horsehead w/ my Hyperstar / Atik 414EX-Color combo.  The yellowish glow in the middle is from all the moisture that was in the air last night, coupled with some glow from Benson, AZ.  Click for a close-up.

Arizona and Astronomy

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  We’re now in Benson, AZ at the Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory.  Yes.. you read that correctly… Observatory!  They have a 16″ Mead LX200 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope in an Observatory dome and have public viewings every night that the weather cooperates.  We attended Read more…


We have set up camp in Petaluma, CA and love it here. Yesterday we went to the Petaluma Historical Museum to see of all things ELVIS!! He really is every where. Gotta love that. After we stopped by the TWiT Cottage to take some pictures and Leo walked up and Read more…

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