And then there was Tesla (motors)

Most that know us understand we’re pretty hard core Nikola Tesla fans. So, it’s not a difficult leap to imagine we’re also fans of the Electric Vehicle company that borrows his name and technology to make amazing sports sedans (to date.. Cross over coming soon).  I’ve been in a few Tesla Studios, and each time have to pose with various Tesla gear so they can photo my Nikola Tesla tattoo.. 🙂

01-Michael_and_Tesla 02-Michael_and_Tesla 03-Michael_and_Supercharger

We’ve been keeping an eye on Tesla Motors for a while and drooling over their offerings… deciding to pass them over for each vehicle purchase over the past few years in favor of more ‘flat-tow’ friendly vehicles. Our thought was that dealing with an enclosed trailer in addition to the RV and car would be more hassle than it was worth.

In recent weeks, we’ve been doing more research on the subject and talking with those that trailer a vehicle behind their RV. From what we’ve found.. it doesn’t seem our original assessment was accurate. One couple we spoke with said that they’ve been to 2500 RV Parks across the country, and never had an issue. Now, it’s obvious that many parks don’t have space for you to have the trailer On-Site w/ your rig… but it seems all of them were able to accommodate storage of the trailer within the park.. and even go so far as to placing the trailer into and out of the storage for you! This realization has brought us right back to Elon’s EVs.