So, after being on site for a few weeks, and seeing lots of coaches near the finish line.. we’ve decided to change a couple of things on our exterior colors.

  1. We don’t care for the way the fade is coming out in the stripe on the side of the coach, so we’ve opted to have it all ‘Sunlit Sand’ from end to end on that stripe instead.
  2. The rear triangle is growing on me… specifically, we’ve now decided ( after much discussion and best 2 of 3 coin tosses ) to go with Anthracite on the rear triangle / lower rear area.

Here’s the old and new colors for comparison…

Original custom

New Kidd Custom

New Kidd Custom

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mel · 2015-07-08 at 10:36

The new color looks “cleaner”. It also says “look at me” whereas the older color would be for someone who is more comfortable being in the background. The new color is probably safer since it’s more noticeable. Still, I don’t think the difference would be that much because the rig in itself is quite an eye-catcher.

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