6 years

In April 2010 Michael and I took a month and went coast to coast. It was a wonderful trip but eye opening. Tipping the scales well over 300 I was using a mobility scooter to go any farther than 50 feet. Between my degenerative discs, fibromyalgia and weight getting from point A to point B always involved a struggle.

When we returned from the trip and I looked through the pictures we took I saw myself for maybe the first time as I was. Obese, unhealthy, and honestly believing that I wouldn’t see 40. I made some changes.

These days when old pics pop up on slideshows I often have to pause to recognize that version of me.

It was a lot of work, pain, sweat and tears — but I wouldn’t go back.

6 Years

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  1. Lehnanne, it’s beautiful to see the transformation again. I was lucky enough to watch you come alive again from right next door, and it was like watching a miracle. Thanks for the reminder of these photos. What an inspiration you are.

    Be sure to post when you get back to the Park. I’d love to see you two!

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