We are so happy to say that CoachProxy for the Tiffin motorhome is now available for sale!

It took longer that we had hoped as we made adjustments based on the feedback of our beta testers and actually redesigned the interface and some hardware components. Being a startup, this took some time but so happy to report that we feel great in being able to finaly release the product.



To remind you, CoachProxy is a plug and play control product that is for Tiffin Motorhomes that are 2015 or newer. With a device such as your cellphone, tablet, or computer you can control any device that is on the Spyder system locally or from anywhere in the world! (Worldwide if your motorhome has internet access.) It also is the first Voice Activated interface to your motorhome! Thats right, if you have full time Internet and an Amazon Echo or Dot, you can upgrade the CoachProxy to support full voice control. “Alexa, turn on main light.” It will also alert you to your tank levels and battery voltage via text to email. (Again, Internet is required.)

So the store is NOW OPEN so get them while you can! —> https://CoachProxy.com

Note: It is recommended, but not required, that your motorhome have it’s own internal Wi-Fi network running. Meaning you connect all your devices to your own Wi-Fi SSID and that the router is then connected to the RV park or JetPack for Internet.

You can build one for under $100 if needed. Feel free to check out this tutorial by David Bott… Secure Private Wi-Fi for Under $100.

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