We’re going back on the road starting Saturday, March 25th.  As such, our lot at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort will be available for rent while we’re gone!

Along with all the benefits described at the LVM Resort web-site, as an added perk, we are leaving our 300mbps / 30mbps cable Internet active on the site!  If you request and stay on Lot 62, you’ll have Wireless and direct Wired access to this super high-speed, non-shared Internet link.  You’ll also be able to use our grill, fridges, build-out, and the patio table & chairs.

You’ll need to contact the LVM Resort directly ( ph: 702-897-9300 ) and request Lot 62 specifically.  Please note that we have no control of the rates, availability, nor the resort rules.  All reservations must be made via the LVM Resort office.

Here’s a (not-so) quick video we made when we purchased the lot which gives a good look around.

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