In case you’re not a follower of Morton’s on the Move, I wanted to bring Tom Morton’s latest experiments your attention.

For those that don’t know, Tom has an electrical engineering background and has made many videos / blog posts on his upgrades, to include Solar, LiPo batteries ( first with Tesla battery modules, the motivation for my own upgrade, then later with BattleBorn LiPo batteries ), and Victron Energy inverters.

In his latest experiments, Tom got to design and run a head to head comparison of BattleBorn LiPo batteries against the most common Lead Acid batteries used by RV’ers. The results went well beyond anyone’s expectations!

Not the part about LiPo batteries being awesome — we knew that. The surprise was how horrible Lead Acid batteries perform. Specifically, not being able to meet their capacity ratings (or even come close for many of them).

Tom has done an amazing job gathering the data, crunching the numbers, and making a compelling video / blog post about the testing he’s done. I would urge you to watch the video / read his blog post before you spend another dollar on Lead Acid batteries. Seriously, go check it out.. right now.

Mortons Battery Test
Morton’s on the Move: Best RV Battery – Test Results


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