Hi all,
If you were on our live stream with us, you may know that we had an engine overheat issue. At this time, we have isolated it to the fan drive gear box. What luck.. 🙁 Oh, actually.. I mean, what LUCK!!! 🙂 We have a spare with us. It had been leaking lubricant but was still.. working.. until now. 

So, we’re stopped now at a highway maintenance facility on the side of I-80 near Sturgis exit.

Once the engine cools enough, I’ll be replacing that fan drive gear box and we should be back on the road!

We’ll update this post as things progress.

TurtleHerding at highway maintenance facility outside Sturgis, IN

UPDATE – All fixed up!

After multiple surprises ( mostly, things not coming loose like they should )… we’re ALL BETTER! See the photo gallery below… We’ve already driven about 4 miles to the next truck pull off — engine stayed right in the normal range and cooled off quickly once stopped. The old gear box was DEFINITELY shot… the fan output shaft had ejected itself about 1″ more than it should be, and could be free spun without spinning the input shaft.


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