Memorial Day

It’s very discouraging that there are many people wishing others a ‘Happy’ Memorial Day.  I could understand somewhat if these were all generated from outside the US, but even in America, the vast majority of citizens don’t understand the holiday.  Most think it’s just another day for firing up the Read more…

The Order

As we posted earlier, we spent some time in Red Bay Alabama touring the Tiffin Motorhomes facilities and talking with various people there.  Everyone we met was extremely helpful and courteous even though we were no doubt interrupting their routine.

We were lucky enough that the timing of our visit happened to coincide with the production of a new 2016 Allegro Bus 45OP, in a new interior color.  Further, we got to see all the new interior and exterior color schemes as well as the new exterior graphics design.  Lots of great changes coming!

With all this new knowledge, we were able to quickly decide what we wanted, get a final price approximation (final 2016 pricing is not yet available) and … drum roll …