Bardstown, KY

As you may have guessed from the photos we are in BOURBON COUNTRY. Visiting the folks and having a blast just catching up and shopping in town.

We don’t get to see Michael’s parents as often as we would like and the new coach puts some distance restraints on where we can stay near them. Bardstown is Dad’s home, so it makes for a nice visit.

This time around we skipped the distillery tours – after all I am already a Maker’s Mark Ambassador – and just stayed in town shopping. The fellas were patient and great about all of it because they knew The Rickhouse was the finish line.

We met up with Tom and saw his beautiful and throaty Shelby Cobra — as a Tesla owner I can tell you I do not miss most things about ICE vehicles — but when it fired up and I could feel it in my chest. Oh how I wished my Daddy could have seen it.

So, back to the shopping.

Hurst Discount Drug was a nice little shop. Diner, pharmacy and gift shop all rolled into one.

The Olive Spout was fabulous. Alexis was very helpful. I sampled several vinegars and came out with a 750ml bottle of my favorite – Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic.

We popped into Making Good Scentz and it smelled so yummy in there!! I came away with several lip balms – because you know I am all about the lip balms – and a lotion that smelled so yummy I had to. After all, when you are in BOURBON COUNTRY you will buy all the things BOURBON!! Yep, BOURBON BARREL scented lotion!!

And before we went to the Whiskey Museum we made a visit to Kentucky Bourbon Marketplace. Soft t-shirts, bourbon chocolates, bourbon, and a ghost story closed out the visit.

Again many thanks to our wonderful parents. We had a fabulous day and we are so grateful to you have you both in our life.


*BIG RIG note — White Acres Campground in Bardstown, KY is a great place to stay while you are in the area. Easily fit us, with pull throughs at about 90′ long. Spacious, and easy in and out.

AZ Adventures

We arrived in Arizona on Saturday. It was a long day of driving for me but uneventful.

The park is nice and quiet. We have great views and we are looking forward to exploring the area — but first HOCKEY.

We are going to Glendale tomorrow to tick Gila Arena off the must see list. One of my bucket list items “See a hockey game in all NHL arenas.”

Already missing Vegas — but we have been in one spot long enough. Time to get back to exploring.

I am a bad girl for not blogging more often but honestly I was too busy having a blast to stop and tell you about it. We took in a lot of shows and I can sum them all up with this one fantastic phrase: A Variety of Sexxy Evil Dead Zombie Chippendale Penis Puppetry and Elvis.

Why? Because VEGAS BABY!!

St Louis, MO

After Bardstown we pushed on to St Louis. Planned on staying a month in the area but a sucky internet connection and lack of RV options for big rigs in the area forced us to move along. We stayed at Red Barn Rendezvous again – the first time was in April 2010 with our 40′ fifth wheel — the trees were smaller and the park was empty then. This time the branches were hanging over the lanes and it was crowded with straggling toweds parked this way and that – making maneuvering the park a bit tense. Internet service was almost non-existent for both AT&T and Verizon. Road noise from 55 wasn’t bad and there was plenty to do in St Louis.

We don’t get to see them often enough but our interweb BFFs live in St Louis and they showed us an amazing time. Cramming a months worth of fine dining into a week. I am still full.

Our first night there they threw us a party at their home — Kerri is a fabulous chef and she cooked us nommy food. They invited their friends — who became our friends instantly. Molly the dog presided over the whole affair while Duncan the cat watched cautiously from his window perch.

Kerri and I shopped and she took me site seeing. Then came the dining out. St Louis – you are an amazing city and I can’t wait to return.

The eats:

Balabans – well worth the drive to the far west side of town. The food was amazing from start to finish. The presentation, the serving sizes — it was all amazing. Even without being a wine drinker I was impressed. Tho’ the wine selection is nothing short of fabulous. If you can only have one thing from the menu – make it dessert.

Bailey’s Range – groovy burger and shakes place downtown. Lunch time crowd made for slow service but that is to be expected when you are packed to capacity. Fresh mayo with delicious fries was the highlight. Burger was astounding. Quinoa salad was SWEET not savory and not my style at all. Kitschy joint.

Small Batch – this place was my kind of joint. Lots of bourbon and delicious food. Lionel was great and took care of us. It was too hot to sit outside but the large windows gave us a nice view.

Ices Plain & Fancy – this was my favorite. Twice in one day. Is it ice cream? Is it a science fair project? It’s both!! Delicious creamy ice cream made to order in front of your eyes in a few minutes with the help of LIQUID NITROGEN. Not only all Bill Nye the Science guy but TASTY AF!! They had a savory flavor of the day — Salted Caramelized Peach with goat cheese. So full of win.

If you are camping and need groceries — check out Dierberg’s and Fields Foods. Also — coming soon .. IKEA.

I already miss Kerri and Brad but we’ll be back.

Bardstown, KY

After we left Memphis with the new coach we popped over to Crossville to meet up with some friends. They live in an bricks and sticks community for RVers. We had a great time – albeit too short.

We then trekked up to Bardstown, KY to meet up with Michael’s parents. His step-dad is from Bardstown so we got a bit of the inside scoop. When we pulled into White Acres Campground there was a crowd around a campfire and everyone stared and waved as we passed. It is easy to forget when you are inside the coach just how impressive the exterior is. The campground was nice, lots of shade and plenty of space between spots. We didn’t use the laundry or bathhouse – but the rest of the park was well kept and Mr. White was very pleasant and helpful.

While in the area I finally made it to Maker’s Mark for the tour, and I dipped my very own bottle of Maker’s 46. I had the best Old Fashioned at Rickhouse – if you are anywhere near Bardstown I highly recommend this place for a drink and a meal.

It is a lovely little community and if you are a fan of Bourbon (as I am) it is a must see. We didn’t spend enough time there to see everything it has to offer.

My Seat

I want to start a category of posts based on the view from my seat. It will become more interesting as the travel goes on. Here is the idea, one picture snapped from my seat once a week (maybe more often). A mini travel log.

Today Jacob was a helper! We had noms, baby snuggles, Asbach brandy, and more snuggles.


Yesterday we left Chapel Hill and headed East. We stopped and visited with dear friends in Elizabeth City and then today we motored onto the campground. Today was quiet. Windows were opened, dogs were snuggled and nothing was done with great vigor. Naps were had. Frolicking took place.

We’ll be attending the star party and hope to get a good view of the Solar Eclipse.

Today was a good day.

Blah to beautiful

I had a horrible morning – beginning with pain and lack of sleep. Stress and nonsense .. ugh. Then a wonderful surprise, and invite to shop. I took it.

Found some lovely thrift shops and great buys were had. Fantastic lunch, conversation and company.

Thanks for dragging me out of my funk.


We’ve been in Cali for a few days and action packed they have been. We took a wrong turn outside Barstow and ended up going to LA … outskirts but close enough for traffic. I would rather ride around DC on a moped then go through that shit again. INSANE.

On our way to dinner with Evil Genius Petey and his gal Tricia some asstard chucked a rock off an overpass. As luck would have it – it destroyed our sun roof. Our shade was closed so no glass or injuries to our persons but it could have been worse.

Also the gas hot water heater thingamajig died so when we are boondocking we are taking cold showers.

Both repairs are on the books for next week. So we are hanging out until then. Right now we are in Petaluma, CA … it is a nice small town with lots to see and do and still a reasonable drive to San Fran should we want to go down there but I am telling you now I am so over California traffic it isn’t even funny.

A couple of bonuses … the landscape here is amazing. Just north of LA there are these huge rolling green mountains like something straight out of Middle Earth. The sun glistens on the wild patches of mustard that seem to be painted on the sides. Amazing.

Fresh fruit and veggies is the other plus – and there are stands like every other block. Great prices.

That is about it for now … thanks for keeping up.

Happy Trails,

Vegas Baby

We spent several days camped out at my Aunt and Uncles in Henderson, NV. They have an amazing view and a great place.

We had so much fun with them. I didn’t want it to end but they had other guests coming in and we didn’t want to wear out our welcome.

Thanks to them for the hospitality. Much love to you both and heaps of belly rubs to Tink and Chrissy (when she isn’t hiding.)


A Little Behind

The wifi at this campground is beyond suckage. So I haven’t had a lot of online time. Sorry this is late.

We are attending the 2009 Heartland RV Owners Rally. We got into Goshen, IN on Monday morning. Checked in, hung out a bit, got set up and then went to dinner with a few early arrivals to Dandino’s in town. Good steak! Lots of laughs.

Tuesday morning Twila and I got up and headed south to Fairmount, IN. The birthplace of cool. James B. Dean and the cool you can stand. I must say for being a tiny little museum with just a few items by comparison to Graceland, it was more personal. Great hand written notes and little stories from the volunteers – friends of Jimmy. His cousin Marcus still lives in town. It was very moving.

After the museum we went out to his grave. Made a few rubbings of his name. I left a 2009 Porsche Speedster matchbox car for him.

Wednesday we drove down to Lafayette and met up with Uncle Ron and his wife that we had not met yet (Aunt Sharon) for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then Tommy and Shirley showed up – got a bite to eat and we all headed to Wolf Park. It was a warm day and a bit of a trek but it was a lot of fun to see Monty and the wolves again. It has been so long. I keep saying I need to get up there more often but life and time slips by so fast.

We are in “Amish Paradise” aka Puppy Mill Mecca (BLECH!!) for a few more days. Then it is back home. At least for a little while.


On the road again

Tonight we are in Powhatan VA – staying at a very nice RV “resort”. Friendly and clean – smaller spaces than we would like the place is near empty so no big deal. It is well off the beaten path. About 30 miles from the Zoo — so we will have to get up earlier than hoped to meet the group tomorrow.

I am so excited about getting to see Liam’s face when he feeds the penguins and the giraffes. Almost as excited about MY getting to feed the penguins and giraffes.

Also on the way up here I FINALLY found Pepsi Throwback with SUGAR and not the icky HFCS … it tastes like my childhood. I also found Luzianne Tea (pre-made) with sugar and no HFCS. I am glad that SOMEONE is finally getting a clue. Not only is that crap toxic and dangerous but it makes food taste nasty!!

Berea, KY

We pulled into camp yesterday around 4 pm. I am spoiled. RV Parks should be like Country Waye in Luray – or KY Horse Park in Lexington. We are right off 21 and next to a car wash. Pretty bleak. But I am here for visiting and checking out the town.

LKs sister and her family came down from Lexington yesterday for a quick visit. I feel bad we didn’t just sit around a campfire and talk but we were hungry and tired. So Cracker Barrel it was. She found a yummy goat milk lotion – the scent was “Blue Ridge Wildflowers” and having lived on the Blue Ridge Mountains for 10 year  — they got the smell right. I bought a few things. = 0)

My uncle started having some heart flutters. We didn’t hesitate and took him to the ER. He is fine but better safe than sorry. His new thyroid med is the culprit.

Sitting in the waiting room LK has his laptop, I had my netbook, my aunt had her iPhone, I showed her my iTouch — then some unsavory looking man said “Where y’all staying?” WTF? Maybe I am just not as trusting as I should be but really WHAT THE FUCK! LK said over by the interstate. I would NOT have been so nice.

I haven’t seen much of Berea but I am hopeful today’s visiting puts it in a better light. I feel like I could have gone to any small town in NC with some craft shops and saved the 8 hour drive.

Saw little carnage inside upon arrival. I am learning where to stow things when we are mobile. I lost a horse head figurine I bought several years ago during my first trip to Kentucky Horse Park. Sad moment. Swapping my desk and futon really helped keep the disarray down.

While on the road a fellow WolfPack fan spotted my flag hanging in the window and gave us the HOWL hand signal. Very cool — other than that the trip here was (as we like it) uneventful.

Time in Luray

Monday morning we slept in – it was so nice. The sun was shining bright – the girls LOVED all of the grass and new smells. The campground really is wonderful.

We went up to Skyline Drive for a bit to look at the Valley. It was colder and really windy so we didn’t stay long. We had lunch at this fabulous home cookin’ cafe at Brookside Cabins on 211. Virginia Ham sammich for a lumberjack!! It was about the same as eating at some fast food joint but we were STUFFED!!

We got to the Luray Rescue Zoo a little after 1pm. Mark was a great guide. One of, if not the ONLY time I have ever learned anything new at a zoo. Lots of great critters and Mark was really a fantastic guide. Very hands on and it was clear to see how much the animals there loved and respected him.

We spent 2.5 hours there … I could have spent another 2.5 hours but we were both getting sore and tired.

BLUE hasn’t been feeling well so we didn’t get to meet up with he and Chrissy – but next time. For sure — just feel better BLUE, that is all we ask.

The trip home was a little more stressful – LK had to make some quick maneuvers to escape an idiot on the road. When we stopped and looked in — it was a mess. Everything that should not have moved — did. So before the next trip it is my job to batten everything down. A bit of a panic attack later we got back on the road and the rest was smooth as butter. Just my nerves got the better of me. As a result today I have no energy and hurt even more than before.

It is all about the spoons!!

All in all the trip to Luray was WONDERFUL and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

In the Valley … like fer sure

Not going to post too much right now – just letting you know that we are in the Shenandoah Valley and it is beautiful. I have been on both sides of the valley the upper rim — but never to Luray and down in the middle. I want to come back in May when Spring actually arrives. = )

We are staying at a wonderful campground called Country Waye. Gorgeous views!!

Last night we spent a night out listening to local musicians and eating some of the best BBQ I have ever had at Cristina’s Cafe.

The trip up was flawless – except I forgot to turn the water heater back on – so I had a cold shower this a.m. But everything else was wonderful. Now we may never stay put on the weekends. = )

Thanks to the gals at Cristina’s for taking such great care of us, Slide & MJ for everything, Kudos to Christian – the 15 year old guitar wielding prodigy, Ashley for the beautiful voice, J for making it out when he was tired and sore and just really needed SLEEP – you are still my nemesis tho’ MWA, and nice to meet cha Chris. We will have to get back up here more often.

Today – lots more planned – and this time I won’t forget my camera.

Pencil You In

So the next few weeks are going to be a little hectic but a lot of fun.

Sunday we are heading up to VA to visit friends in the Winchester area.

Monday … to DC and (crossing toes) to the Smithsonian and dinner with friends – and try to swing through Stafford.

Tuesday – drive back home

Wednesday – pick up Vicious at the airport

Thursday – Friday – visit with Vicious and some other ASCFers

Saturday – Duke Lemur Center and possibly the hockey game

Sunday – back to the airport

Monday – try to squeeze in a nap

Tuesday – volunteer orientation at shelter

Wednesday – doctor appt, where I hope to get some tests set up on my knees – they are STILL giving me issue after the fall (2 months ago)

Thursday thru Sat – clean, and study for placement exams … which I know is corny but I really don’t want to have to pay for extra classes that I don’t get credit for … so I am hoping I can test out of it.

Sunday thru Tues – OBX

Then catch some rest … but then it REALLY starts for LK – he has training and has to work 10 days with one day off. BLEH.