Flexor tenosynovitis – a name only a hand surgeon could love

We have made it to the DFW area.. but not without one BIG – small incident.

On Saturday, as we were driving through El Paso, TX… Dexter (our 9yo Corgi boy) became distressed.  We believe he got one of his nails hung in something, but we’re not quite sure.  He was yelping in pain, so.. like any caring person would do, Lehnanne reached in to help free him from his bindings.  Unfortunately, Dexter didn’t realize it was her, and associated her touch with the trigger of his pain, and Lehnanne got bit.  Dexter is a good boy… as soon as he recognized it was his mom that he had, he released and allowed her to free him of his painful predicament.

The damage, however… was done. (more…)

So? Do you have it? What happened? Where’ve ya been?

YES, we have it!  We’ve spent the past couple of days getting used to the idea that it’s ours.  Wow, it’s ours… still crazy to think it’s really here!

Michael and Tesla Model S 90D

Michael and Tesla Model S 90D


OMG – two Tesla updates in two days!

It’s now _______________________ Production Complete Your Model S is in transit from the factory. Estimated Delivery October 14, 2015 – October 21, 2015 _______________________ /me does a little happy dance

Sooooo Close! — Tesla update

Model S delivery getting firmer! Before today, all it said was ‘October – Early November’… A two week window is much better than 6! Based on others experience, it’ll likely be closer to the beginning of the new delivery window.

She’s only seventeen!

Ok, now that I have your attention… Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! I would like to thank my lovely wife for putting up with me through the best and worst of times.  I’m convinced that I’m the best version of me whenever you’re around and I couldn’t have gotten Read more…

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