My aunt Mary taught me at an early age how to make a cuppa. Rich black tea, cream, and just enough sugar to taste.

Times have changed and I have graduated from boxed tea off the shelf at the market to delicious blends from all over the world. But, almost every morning without fail I still sit quietly and have my Cuppa before the house wakes.

I read my emails, check social media and such and just breathe. The pups at my feet and the quiet make my mornings easier to manage. It is my ME time, and living in such a small space with your spouse you really need a moment or two alone.

So, back to the tea.

The Republic of Tea is my go to tea these days. It is tasty, they have organic and certified NON-GMO options. Shipping is fast and when you find a flavor you like you can save money 2 ways – buying in bulk and/or buying it minus the fancy TIN and just reuse the one you have if you care about that sort of thing. Me, I just buy in the tin free package because I have a cute set of larger tins that I have already.

I am digging the Downton Abbey favors, I LOVE the HiCafTeas for first thing in the morning. Usually though, my go to is the All-Day Breakfast Black. At any given time I have about 8 kinds of tea so I can mix it up or offer someone tea to their liking.

Time for a Cuppa

Where the magic happens.


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James · 2014-09-25 at 22:06

+1 to Republic of Tea! Blackberry Sage and the HiCAF Caramel are my faves right now. I have yet to get the refills, so I have a small collection of tins I have to deal with – the refills will be next. Sometimes I cheap out and go with the Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast, a wonderful strong black tea that comes 80-to-a-pack for only $5.

    LOUP · 2014-09-26 at 07:33

    I need to check into that TJ’s black tea for saving some $$. =)

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