A little Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead Nebula - 2015-03-20
Horsehead Nebula – 2015-03-20

First shot at Horsehead w/ my Hyperstar / Atik 414EX-Color combo.  The yellowish glow in the middle is from all the moisture that was in the air last night, coupled with some glow from Benson, AZ.  Click for a close-up.

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  1. That is really nice. I saw it before I even enlarged the photo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice to see your astro posts. I thought I would finally comment here. I am VERY envious of your nomadic lifestyle now. If you ever hit it big, get an Airstream and pull it by a vehicle that gets ridiculous gas mileage. Also, to counteract the fossil fuel guzzler, put a Tesla at the end of the Airstream.

    I have bought a Lunt scope myself now too.

    Chris Cole

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