We spent the afternoon in Tupelo, MS. It is a lovely little town and everyone we met was friendly and kind. We had lunch at Longhorn in town and did a bit of shopping while we waited for the museum at the birthplace of Elvis Presley to open.

I have always wanted to visit this house. I must say like Graceland I was a little amazed and a little disappointed. There was this vibe of connection with Elvis at both locations – through the actual site as well as the visitors who also loved him. But – the materialistic crapfest that surrounds it with every piece of over-priced Made in China piece of shit just dulled the senses. Just because you CAN slap Elvis’ name on something, doesn’t mean you should. *cough* Peanut Butter and Banana flavored “Saltwater” Taffy *cough*


The house that Elvis A. Presley was born in, 8 January 1935 at 4:30am.

The front room.

The rear room.

Goofin’ on the drive back to to the motorhome.

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