Today, we completed Main Plant Stations 10 through 13. This included the following highlights:

  • Slide room trim
  • Fireplace install
  • Interior TV Installs
  • Under-dash trim
  • Driver’s side control panel
  • Most cabinet drawers
  • Cargo Bay Doors
  • Roof rail
  • Paramount Awnings
    and tons I’m sure that I’ve left off…

NOTE: Tiffin has all of next week off for Independence Day.  The next day of work on the rig will be July 6th, so no videos are likely to be uploaded until then… 🙂

Video after the break!

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John and Sharon · 2015-06-27 at 09:08

was great meeting you two and good luck with your coach build… we left Red Bay yesterday but are just up the road in Tuscambia for the weekend… see you down the road somewhere…

    Lehnanne · 2015-06-27 at 09:22

    We enjoyed chatting with you as well. Safe travels!

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