Hi everyone! We admit it… we’re terrible bloggers… But, here’s a catch up on the past few months…

Michael went BALD in Las Vegas! (temporarily… )
We installed some new camera gear in Rodeo, NM ( QHY 600 )
We got HOT at the Weston Glass Studio in Berea, KY
And dined at the Historic Boone Tavern Restaurant in Berea, KY
We ordered a new Tesla! (est arrival is October…)

So, there you have it… about 2.5 months, all caught up!

What? You want more catch up? More details? Maybe even… to, CHAT with us? ok, ok….

We’re departing Byron, NY on Aug 7th, starting a 7 day drive back to Las Vegas! And… we’re going to be streaming at least some of it! Our first stream will start at 9am US Eastern (GMT-4) on August 7th. Be sure to subscribe to your YouTube channel, then click the ‘Notification’ bell and select ‘All’ to get notified when we go live ( or release other videos).


Resident Tesla nut and polymath. Raised in eastern Kentucky, joined the US Navy at 19 to operate a Nuclear Reactor on a Fast-Attack submarine. After finishing his enlistment, Michael has continued to follow his passions in technology, astronomy, and of course, traveling the country.


AUGUSTO · 2021-08-06 at 09:32

The Live is drive is unlisted on youtube , only appears on the blog.

    Lehnanne · 2021-08-06 at 09:41

    Hi Augusto,
    It is public, but YouTube won’t add it to the list of videos until closer to the scheduled start time.

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