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There we were, driving down the road out of Capitan, NM, when what to my steely eyes did appear ( and ears ), but a FAST LEAKAGE warning from my Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)! (more…)

The Homeowner Blues

In 2007 we lived in Portsmouth, VA and owned a brick ranch with a half-an-acre. A large yard for the dogs, fenced, so they were safe, but we could still enjoy the view. We were backed up to a tidal Read more…

…smells as sweet

Just a little note. We are going back to as our blog name and such. The content will be the same (or maybe even better *wink*). Please adjust your bookmarks.  

We Be Grillin’*

Spoiled from the built-in grill at our Las Vegas¬†Lot, we found ourselves wanting a portable grill setup. I¬†started, as always, researching the bejeebus out of things (Lehnanne’s words, not mine).

Here are the thoughts that went into the decision:

  • We have an all-electric coach, so I didn’t want to deal with little (or big) propane bottles. ¬†The smell, need for inspection ( at certain bridges &¬†tunnels ), the¬†cost of propane, yet another fossil fuel, etc.. ¬†Thus, propane was out.
  • Natural Wood grills seem to need a LOT of tending to maintain temperature. They also take a while to get up to temperature and are large and/or heavy. Sure, there are add-ons and modifications to ease this temperature maintenance chore, but what if there was something..¬†smarter..¬†and more integrated that just works out of the box?
  • This lead me to Pellet fired grills, of which Traeger ¬†Grills seem to be the reigning champ. ¬†However, their portable unit doesn’t get very good marks compared to the rest and the grill isn’t particularly “smart”. ¬†The Traeger also require 120v AC power to operate.


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