Partly cloudy and a dirty dome on my allsky camera limited the ‘awe’, but you can still certainly tell that our Moon is diminishing in brightness ( and going ‘dark’ ) in this time lapse. Pay attention to the timestamp at the top left corner of the screen.

Here are the key times:

  • 02:48 – First contact of Earth’s penumbra ( starting partial block of the Sun’s light )
  • 03:45 – First contact of Earth’s umbra ( the darkest part of the shadow )
  • 05:11 – Totality begins
  • 05:19 – Mid-point of Totality
  • 05:25 – Totality ends
  • 06:13 – Sunrise


Resident Tesla nut and polymath. Raised in eastern Kentucky, joined the US Navy at 19 to operate a Nuclear Reactor on a Fast-Attack submarine. After finishing his enlistment, Michael has continued to follow his passions in technology, astronomy, and of course, traveling the country.


Herbie AKA Redjaguar100 · 2021-05-26 at 16:42

Wow, That was amazing. I had to watch it several times to spot the different segments during the key times. The moon totally went dark or disappeared right in front of the camera.

    Michael · 2021-05-26 at 16:47

    Ya, the camera exposure was adapting to the loss of light for the first bit, so it made it harder to recognize ( the exposure time is also in the upper left corner ). Considering the clouds and dirt on the dome, I’m well pleased with the result.. šŸ™‚

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