Going through Wyoming today I spotted in the wild – a wolf. A first for me. I’ve seen them close up, got wolf kisses from Orca, seen many wolves over the years but never until today just out and about and BLAM .. a wolf. It was life-affirming. I have spent a good deal of my life speaking out for wolves, blogging about wolves and trying to educate many about these beautiful creatures and today going down I-80 in Wyoming I spot one of these shy but magnificent critters looking off to the horizon standing by a creek. It was picture postcard beautiful I tell you. I only wish my camera loaded fast enough to snap a picture.

After the wolf, we saw scads and scads of Pronghorn Antelope and a large cloud of Yellow Headed Black Birds. But that one glimpse of that perfect predator was enough to make this whole trip worthwhile. It was in a word – magical.

Just as I was pondering the wolf and how lucky I am to have seen it we came to Laramie, WY … all I could think about was Matthew Shepard and his horrible killing.

What is with people – are they just not evolved. They kill off beautiful creatures because they are afraid of them. It makes no sense to me. I feel like grabbing them and shaking them. Who knows what Matthew Shepard might have done with his life- he would be 33 this year. We’ll never know because two homophobic boys scared of their own shadow lashed out and took his life in the most inhumane and violent way. It made me sadder.

Sad to know that wolf probably won’t make it through the year before some local with a gun and an attitude snuffs out her life and sad that I seem to be surrounded by the ignorance of man – so much that it pains me.

I spent some time away from my passion trying to get my Fibromyalgia under control but after today – that stops now. I am not willing to sell myself or my passion short for a little comfort when it eats away at my soul. So to the wolves of the world I say – you once again have my voice — and to the wolf killers of the world I say — good luck in getting me out of your head.


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cheryl · 2010-04-26 at 07:12

This made me cry.

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