The girls had their dentals done last week and while they were under the vet expressed their anal glands. She found a mass on Korkie. In her left anal gland. The mass is approximately 1.5 x 2 cm.

She has to have surgery to remove it. We spent a few days talking it over. Going over the pros and cons. Her age came up quite often. My Kita Beeta is 13 years old. Putting her under anesthetic for the dental was stressful enough for me. I can’t imagine how stressed I am going to be when she is under for this surgery.

We decided to put her through it because 13 is up there but she still acts like a puppy and she has no other issues. The chest x-ray was clear so whatever this mass is – it hasn’t spread. And if we let it alone and it isn’t Cancer it could continue to grow and cause he problems with bowel movements. So while she had health on her side we are taking the chance and trusting in a surgeon to take care of this issue.

Meanwhile, I worry. It is in my genes. It is what I do. But as I worry I am taking more time with her and Cinder. I am appreciating them even more, if that is even possible. If you know me and you are here reading this so chances are you do, you know how precious my dogs are to me. They are such a HUGE part of my life. They have saved my life a few times. I owe them everything. So we are taking no chances with Korkie.

As I type this I glance over and watch Korkie sleep on her Tempurpedic dog bed. Her chest rising and falling with every breath – it is a gift. And I am grateful.


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