Woke up this morning to Daniel Suarez wishing us Happy Anniversary!! LOKI STORMBRINGER!! So full of win!! We are heading out tomorrow for the Star Party at Staunton River State Park. Dark skies for Michael and quiet time for me!!

Today we slept in, tinkered around the rig and did some small DIY stuff – lunch in Winchester, VA.

Tuesday we spent some time with Slide & MJ in Edinburg, VA – watching HOCKEY and eating delicious noms from Triple Oak Bakery.

Wednesday we headed into DC to visit Jacob and Company. Jay made me a coffee that I quickly ruined with cream and sugar — “White Trash Americano” is what we are calling it.

Thankful for all of the loved ones in my life – I am so grateful.

Thank you Michael for making these last 15 years look easy. Here is to another 60 or so. xoxox


Raised in a military family, Lehnanne moved around a lot and that is probably why she likes to move around as an adult. She and Michael have been full-time RVers since 2007. Their home is run for the safety and comfort of the fur-Kidds.

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