This will be a multi post tale.

During our first outing with the new (to us) motorhome we decided to look into LED lamps for the rig.

We checked Camping World and the price for ONE LED bulb was a bit much. So we checked online. After some research we ordered through eBay sellers and Amazon.

Today the first batch arrived. Short Neck LED Reading lamps to replace our 1141 bulbs. ( )

They arrived quickly, installed easily and having all 6 reading lamps on only drew 1Amp total. It was 1Amp per bulb. Yay! We paid US$27.95+5.00 shipping for 6 LED bulbs. If we had bought them that day at CW it would have been close to US$145 including the local taxes.

Here is the link to the seller on ebay for this batch.

We didn’t take pictures of the install but it was really easy.

We still have 4 other types of bulbs to replace with LED … I will post details on those as we do it.


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