We are music lovers. Michael is an audiophile. I know people SAY they care about sound quality and are particular about the set up they have for listening to sounds BUT seriously this man is very particular and to make matters worse he can hear a gnat fart at 30 paces. This picture was taken less than a week after we bought the 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8.

AVIC install

Torn down to the wires.

From his old Chevy Cavalier with a backseat of KICKER speakers to a Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue Edition in GOLD with 32 (THIRTY TWO) speakers – he has been into sound since before we met. It isn’t a shock that with every new vehicle there is an immediate audio upgrade.

Which makes me wonder what is coming with the new RV? He is chatting with David at Outside Our Bubble and getting ideas for the new coach and this website. It is fun to hear Michael so excited about this stuff but when he is telling me about all of the new audio/visual ideas I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher going on and on with the soundtrack of “Money” by Pink Floyd.

Ah well — at least I can listen to the new stuff from Brooke Magalis and Booze Monkey in style.



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