Tiffin, like other manufacturers, provides a nifty slide out mechanism to house the Trash bin, solid surface sink covers and various kitchen and/or cleaning supplied under the sink.  However, the way this is configured, it requires a minimum of 5 steps to throw anything in the garbage!

  1. Open left door
  2. Open right door
  3. Unlatch trash slide out
  4. Slide out trash bin
  5. Deposit rubbish

This is horribly inefficient and inconvenient.  Especially if you have trash curious critters scurrying around your rig (eh hem… our cat Emma, and two dogs Cinder and Dexter) as this forces you to close the trash up completely between each deposit, another 4 steps, then repeat.

While watching a video walk-through of another coach brand, I noticed that they had a similar slide out trash bin holder, but.. Their door was fastened to the slide out mechanism, and pulled out with the trash slider!  It is retained while in motion by one or more of the standard RV push latches.  GENIUS!  I set about to modify ours to match.

Parts list:

  • 2 x RV Push Latches (starting with two, may add more if needed)
  • 8 x Drywall screws
    • make sure these are short enough to NOT go through the door fronts!

Total Cost: ~$26 (presuming you already have some screws lying around)

Trash Slide-Out - Before

Trash Slide-Out – Before

Trash Slide-Out - After

Trash Slide-Out – After

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